M3GAN debuts in modeling with the punk Marc Jacobs campaign

The AI ​​baby is following in the footsteps of Michael Imperioli, Tara Reid and other celebrities in viral ads.

M3GAN proves that all babies go to heaven.

The eponymous star of Blumhouse’s “M3GAN” fronts a new Marc Jacobs Heavn campaign shot by photographer Harley Weir. The collection was created in collaboration with the band Deftones and the streetwear brand Stray Rats. In the ad, M3GAN rocks a Deftones God Help Me Up zip-up hoodie overseen by Creative Director Ava Nirui.

The brand shared the photos on Instagram with the caption “M3GAN in Heaven”.

And M3GAN isn’t the only viral celebrity to star in the campaign: Tara Reid, Michael Imperioli and Sandy Liang broke the internet after posing together on a couch. Marc Jacobs also re-released the Stam bag from the 2000s, which was worn by Paris Hilton, Selma Blair, Ashanti, Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Stam earlier this year.

The viral horror film ‘M3GAN’, which dominated the box office in January, has already got a sequel set for 2025. Currently titled “M3GAN 2.0,” the sequel will mark the return of protagonist Allison Williams. his on-screen niece, Violet McGraw.

Screenwriter Akela Cooper will write the sequel, but a director has not yet been announced. Gerard Johnstone directed the first film to focus on the creation of a Model 3 Generative Android doll for children. But when a towering M3GAN went astray, it looked like the baby was officially decommissioned. Or so they thought.

“It’s something that’s on the tip of everybody’s tongue right now,” producer Jason Blum previously told IndieWire about the speculation. “We’re all talking about AI and what it can do. All of the great things that we see in the movie and all of the terrible things that he knows that we see in the movie.”

Producer James Wan added: “I’m a bit of a creepy doll fan. I just love the idea of ​​an inanimate object that looks like it’s alive and actually has life in it. Whether it’s life imbued by a supernatural entity or you, with your broken mind, projecting life into it. One is more supernatural, the other more psychological, but I am drawn to both aspects of the genre.”

An unrated version of “M3GAN,” featuring more gore (and more TikTok dancing!) was also released on the Peacock Universal streamer.

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