Luke Bryan says he wants more family time amid ‘tough year’

Luke Bryan he recently admitted that his 2023 was “rough” and that it was difficult to balance his life. The country music star and “American Idol” judge shared that he told his wife, Caroline, that he needed a vacation until the end of the year.

Bryan’s comments come amid rumors that Katy Perry may leave “American Idol” amid controversy and backlash over her judging style on the show.

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Luke Bryan has a hard time balancing his career and family time

Luke Bryan on stage at CMA Fest 2019

Luke Bryan recently spoke with him Fun tonight and shared that it was difficult in 2023. The “American Idol” judge revealed that he plans to spend more time with his family with his wife, Caroline, and sons, Bo and Tate.

The country music star shared that balancing her career and family time has been difficult. He said, “I can’t balance this year very well.” Bryan also stated that he spoke to Caroline about his tough year so far.

He said to her, “Baby, this is a hard year; let’s get through it and then find a ship and go to the caribbean. When the interviewer replied that Bryan “always said that,” she laughed and replied that Caroline said the same thing.

Luke Bryan says ‘American Idol’ judges should ‘get ready’ for fan backlash

(FILE) ABC to produce remote live shows for 'American Idol' after production shut down due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  PASADENA, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA - JANUARY 8: 'American Idol' judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie arrive at Disney ABC Television Group's 2018 TCA Winter Press Tour Hosts held at the Langham Huntington Hotel 2018 . on January 8.  Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, United States.  April 14, 2020. Pictured: Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie.  Photo: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency / MEGA +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency Tag ID: MEGA647111_001.jpg) (Photo via Mega Agency)

Bryan’s comments about his “rough year” came amid controversy involving “American Idol” judge Katy Perry. Perry is hitting back on social media and is rumored to be considering leaving the TV show.

Bryan talked about the backlash during the conversation with him Fox news, saying, “Katy Perry has done similar things throughout her career. We all get it… We judge kids they fall in love with at home. We’re not going to hit 1,000 as a judge.”

The country music star also opened up about the pressure of being a judge on the show, saying they are “set up” to be attacked by the fan base on social media. “I think we’re getting settled. You know, as judges, we fall on the sword a lot,” Bryan noted.

“And set people up to be very vocal on social media. My thing is that when we sit down at the desk with Lionel and Katy, in our hearts we do the best we can.”

Katy Perry's Followers Confused by CMA Appearance, Accused of 'Switching Sides'
Instagram | Katy Perry

Earlier this month, former “American Idol” star Oliver Steele came to Perry’s defense of the backlash. Critics accused the singer of intimidating the contestants with her judging comments after the performances.

Steele was a season 21 finalist and made an Instagram post claiming that Perry is not “a bully and doesn’t shame people.” During an interview with “American Idol Unaired” podcast, he also called the “Dark Horse” singer a “wonderful person” and said she quietly encouraged him to improve himself.

Katy Perry believes she was sabotaged by production

Katy Perry presents a new line of shoes

Steele’s comments about Perry come after a source revealed the Daily Mail that he feels the show’s producers have “thrown him under the bus”. According to the report, he believes he was portrayed as a “nasty judge” of the contestants in the episodes.

The source said: “He thought he was going to promote young talent. To have his good intentions misinterpreted was not what he wanted. He’s achieved so much in his career and now he’s seen as a nasty reality show judge.”

They added that Perry was “confused” by the fans’ boos, especially since he’s just “trying to stay in his lane, do his job and go home.” The insider explained that the singer “has wanted out for a while” and is considering leaving the role, which pays an estimated $25 million a year.

There has been controversy surrounding Katy Perry’s behavior

Singer Katy Perry on Kimmel

Perry has faced numerous controversies regarding her treatment of “American Idol” contestants. One such instance was when the “Fireworks” singer allegedly shamed Sara Beth Liebe by saying the contestant was “laying on the table too much.”

At the time, Liebe spoke about Perry’s “hurtful” comments on TikTok, saying, “I think it’s hard enough to be a mother and it’s hard enough to be a woman.” The singer ended up leaving the competition early to be home with her kids and took to Instagram to say she wasn’t mad at Perry.

Perry also received backlash for his treatment of contestants Nutsa Buzaladze and Carina DeAngelo. During the show’s Hollywood Week showcase, the singer said that both of their performances were overwhelming.

Amid the controversy, a source spoke up Page six and said that the singer has a “unique sense of humor”. They said Perry’s humor is easily misconstrued but “never has any ill intent”. They added: ‘The backlash doesn’t bother Katy. It’s been a rollercoaster season with a lot of talent, so he’s just doing his job.”

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