Lizzo was praised for her thumb nose at Drag Queen Ban

Body positivity advocate and versatile rock star Lizzo endeared herself to her fans even more by breaking the drag queen ban at her show in Knoxville, Tennessee. Towards the end of her show, which had the crowd screaming in delight, Lizzo was joined by an army of drag queens to storm the stage in style, with her fans roaring in approval and hailing her as a champion of inclusivity. Here are all the DL…

Lizzo Says ‘Tennessees Give Hope’

Lizzo performs at the O2 Arena

The second leg of Lizzo’s “The Special 2our” series is in Knoxville on Friday, and the drag queen bans a host of drag performers including Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Kandy Muse, Vanessa Vanjie and others.

He was also happy to talk about it addressed the crowd at Thompson-Boling Arena, saying, “In light of recent and tragic events and current events, people have been telling me online, ‘Cancel your shows in Tennessee,’ ‘Don’t go to Tennessee.’ Their reasoning was valid, but why not reach the people who needed to hear this message the most? … Why not create a safe space in Tennessee where we can celebrate drag and our differences?”

He also saluted the people of Tennessee, saying, “What people in Tennessee are doing is giving us hope, so thank you so much for standing up for your rights, standing up for each other, and holding the people who are supposed to be protecting us accountable.”

Here’s Lizzo setting the stage on fire with an army of drag queens:

Fans Lizzo charming over Bold Move

Lizzo breaks the ban and invites the drag queens to the stage
Instagram | Lizzo

While the authorities may not be happy with his antics, Lizzo’s fans are delighted and have expressed their appreciation:

“The fact that she’s brought not only well-known queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race to the stage, but also queens who are often seen in queer spaces other than TV, speaks volumes for Lizzo’s integrity not only as an artist, but as an ally.”

“I was there and screamed when these beautiful creatures joined you on stage. Given the current political climate in Tennessee, it was great to be in a stadium surrounded by people who celebrate diversity and support individual freedoms. Go, you girl!”

Many drag queens who participated in the show also thanked Lizzo for allowing them to be a part of the show and in front of the audience.

The comments arrived quickly:

“We love you! Thanks for being with us!! It was so much fun!! PURRRRRR!!”

“Thank you so much for being with us! We love you so much! I had so much fun! ILYYYYY!!!!”

Aquaria wrote, “Thank you so much for the platform for me and the drag race girls and especially for lifting up the queens in Tennessee! These ladies are all so strong and brave and I know tonight was the best tricky situation for everyone. Thanks for shining a light on our friends who need a helping hand these days. We appreciate it.”

He is still here:

What is Drag Queen Ban?

Lizzo invites drag queens on stage, breaking Tennessee's drag ban
Instagram | Lizzo

The new law, commonly known as Tennessee’s drag ban, prohibits “adult cabaret entertainment” on public property or in places where it can be viewed by minors. The problem lies in the definition of the term, including “nude dancers, go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, male or female impersonators”.

This means drag queens are no longer allowed to perform in public, at least in Tennessee. The law took effect after Gov. Bill Lee signed it in March, but a federal judge in Tennessee temporarily blocked its implementation on First Amendment grounds. The Voluntary State is the first to pass such a law.

While many say this law violates LGBTQIA+ rights, opponents also say the government’s rather vague wording leaves the future of theater and film productions such as “Mrs. Doubtfire, “Rent” and even “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar” in the scale.

Lizzo, meanwhile, chose a side. Period!

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