Lizzo Says She’s Quitting Music Due To Body-Shaming On Twitter

Lizzo has battled constant fat-shaming throughout her music career, and she’s finally had enough. The singer has responded to a Twitter user’s recent fat-shaming comment about her, saying she hates the app.

Lizzo was very upset in her response, saying she was “just trying to live and be healthy” not smaller. She also clarified to her haters that being fat is not her ‘brand’, it’s how her body looks healthy.

Many of the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer’s fans have also come to her defence, saying Lizzo is a ‘goddess’ and ‘perfect’.

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Lizzo Responds to Body-Shaming Tweet

Social Media Celebrates Lizzo's Grammy Award
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Based on Daily Mail, Lizzo recently took to social media after seeing fatphobic and vile comments about her body on Twitter. The “Juice” singer responded to a fat-phobic statement from a user named Layah Heilpern, who asked, “How is Lizzo still so fat when she’s always moving so much on stage? I wonder what he eats.

In response, Lizzo quoted the tweet and wrote: “JUST logged in and the app and this is the kind of stupid I see on my daily. He begins to hate the world. Then someone in the comments said I eat “a lot of fast food” I QUIT FAST FOOD YEARS AGO….

The singer wrote that she was tired of having to explain herself “constantly” and wanted to use the app without unnecessary fuss. Lizzo also noted that she “hates” Twitter, again explaining that “this is what my body looks like when I eat clean and work out.”

Lizzo threatens to stop playing music

Lizzo at the 51st NAACP Image Awards - Arrivals

Lizzo also wrote in her speech that people should “really touch the grass” because she’s not trying to be a fat person or a thinner person. He wrote: “I’m just trying to live and be healthy. My body still looks like this when I eat super clean and work out! Yall talk about how you know NOTHING about it and I’m getting warmed up.

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The “Am I Ready” singer also lamented that the love and appreciation she receives online “definitely doesn’t outweigh the hate.” He wrote that he was close to “giving up everyone, quitting and enjoying my money and my man on a RODA FARM…”.

Lizzo seemed very angry as she commented that being a fat person and a performer was not her ‘brand’; that’s just how your body looks, even if it’s healthy. He wrote: “My ‘brand’ is FEEL GOOD MUSIC. My “brand” is EVERYONE’S CHAMPIONSHIP. My ‘brand’ is BLACK GIRL LIBERATION.”

Fans defend Lizzo against hateful Twitter users

Lizzo at GQ's 2018 All-Stars Gala

As Lizzo opened up about body shaming and negative comments about her body, her fans flooded Heilpern’s comments section, criticizing her for her rude behavior. Based on Daily Mail, One fan wrote: “It is a universal truth that those who criticize others criticize themselves ten times more. Leave Lizzo alone and watch your own life improve. You will be surprised.”

Another fan said Heilpern was ‘so ugly’ and called Lizzo ‘a goddess and perfect’. They asked if the author had the talent to “play the flute, sing and dance for hours at a time. I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Another Lizzo supporter wrote: “You need to leave (Lizzo) alone and get over your fat phobia. Not all thin bodies are healthy, and not all healthy bodies are thin. Let’s live our lives with the body we’ve been given and keep the hatred inside us.”

Lizzo wants it to be “body-normative.”


During an earlier interview Vogue Magazine, Lizzo explained that people prefer to know her as a “body-normative” influencer rather than a body-positive one. She said: “I think it’s lazy to say I’m body positive at this point… I want to be body normative. I want to normalize my body.”

The “Good as Hell” singer explained that she’s trying to make a way for “girls with a fat back” and “girls with saggy bellies.” He also said, “Thank you to those who started this, not just to stop here. Again, we need to make people uncomfortable in order to continue to change. Change is always uncomfortable, right?

The Grammy-winning singer is currently on her ‘Special’ tour, captivating fans with music from her critically acclaimed fourth studio album.

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