Lizzo Debuts Striking Layered Bob Hairdo & Octopus-inspired Style

There might be fire on the mountain but Lizzo is focusing on re-inventing herself!

The singer is never one to shy away from a bold statement, and her latest transformation is no exception. Her beauty transformation coincides with a lawsuit alleging sexual, racial, and religious harassment and a hostile work environment from three former dancers. 

Lizzo Serves Up A New Look Amid Legal Trouble

Taking to her Instagram page, the 35-year-old showed off her new jellyfish-inspired wig featuring a platinum blonde bob with pink-tipped, mullet-style longer lengths. Seemingly unfazed by the allegations against her, the “Truth Hurts” artist nodded to a “Bobby B-” track by artist Bobby Shmurda as her hair bounced.

Completing her appearance, Lizzo adorned her neck with a bold silver statement necklace. In the caption, she wrote, “The bob is bobbing,” and then her hairstylist “@theshelbyswain 💅🏾.” 

Commenting on the post, a fan raved about the Yitty Shapewear creator’s recent appearance on “The Mandalorian,” praising her performance and outfit. Another fan expressed admiration for the hair, “OMGGG😍😍😍😍I LOVE IT❤️❤️ can we PLEASE see the back!”

Lizzo Debuts Striking Layered Bob Hairdo & Octopus-inspired Style Amid Legal Trouble
Instagram | Lizzo

A third follower shared their love for Lizzo with laughing emojis, adding, “Love you, lizzo, and this look is hot🔥🔥🔥❤️,” while a fourth complimented stylist Shelby for the fantastic ensemble.

In another post, Lizzo, renowned for her daring style, also flaunted a stunning outfit comprising a cropped bandeau top and wide-leg pants. The attire dazzled in an intricate metallic pink, silver, and red suede pattern. 

Her makeup showcased a natural, radiant style with a taupe, smokey eye, and a glossy nude lip. Calling herself “💗Lizzo-San💗” in the caption, her supporters responded by calling her “Queen.” 

“HELL YEAH!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾,” one netizen exclaimed, while a second described her as a “Sexy lady.” A third noted that she looked beautiful, and another stated she was “way too COOL even more than EVA.” 

The posts come after the songwriter reportedly noted her intention to file a counter-lawsuit against her ex-dancers regarding their sexual harassment claims. The “Coconut Oil” singer’s lawyer, Marty Singer, shared pictures showing the plaintiffs Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez having a good time backstage with cast members of the Crazy Horse topless cabaret show on March 5, 2023, in Paris. 

This came after their lawsuit claiming the “Juice” artist had pressured them into attending the show during her tour. In a statement, Singer also mentioned their allegations of being coerced to visit another club and interact with nude performers:

“These images showing the three plaintiffs gleefully reveling backstage after the topless show were taken after their February 2023 visit to Bananenbar in Amsterdam that they complain about in their lawsuit.” 

He also noted how Davis had earlier expressed her aspiration to emulate the rapper’s path but later tried to downplay her positive remarks. The legal representative stated that concrete “photos and videos, along with additional substantial evidence,” highlighted significant inconsistencies between the plaintiffs’ allegations and the facts. 

Singer referred to the lawsuit as fraudulent, adding, “Lizzo intends to sue for malicious prosecution after she prevails and these specious claims are dismissed.” 

The ‘Lizzobangers’ Artist’s Former Dancers Respond To Countersuit

After the threat of a countersuit was made public, the plaintiffs’ legal representatives perceived her plan was a strategy aimed at “intimidation.” Attorney Ron Zambrano, representing Davis, Williams, and Rodriguez, conveyed to Page Six that “Lizzo’s threat to countersue for malicious prosecution is an insidious attempt at intimidation and delivers a chilling effect to all harassment victims in the workplace.” 

He highlighted that the tactics employed by her team, characterized by “scare tactics, bullying, and victim-shaming,” mirrored patterns seen in the entertainment industry. The attorney stressed that individuals often feel pressured to tolerate such conduct in exchange for opportunities. 

Zambrano claimed that the flutist aimed to dissuade potential victims from coming forward with allegations. He also pointed out that the actress’ team was striving to “suppress the truth and hide her hypocrisy of publicizing her brand as one of empowerment and body positivity while privately depriving women of their empowerment.” 

The lawyer stressed that the actions of the “Tempo” artist are not about “empowering women; they’re actually marginalizing them.” He underscored how such behavior is widespread in the entertainment industry, and while prevalent, it “remains both morally wrong and unlawful.”

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