Lindsie Chrisley’s upcoming documentary Slams Family

Lindsie Chrisley wants no part of documenting her family’s turmoil!

The daughter of Todd Chrisley and Teresa Terry has opened up about her decision not to take part in an upcoming documentary about her family’s legal troubles involving her father and stepmother Julie. The couple’s challenge began when they were convicted of fraud in November 2022.

Afterward, they reported to prison to serve their sentences—Todd was sentenced to 12 years in Pensacola, Florida, and Julie was sentenced to seven years in Lexington, Kentucky. Lindsie has now revealed that taking part in the documentary would be ‘unfair’ to the duo, who are unable to defend themselves.

Lindsie Chrisley’s controversial actions regarding her father’s legal troubles have raised eyebrows

Despite the hardships of incarceration, Todd and Julie remain optimistic and firmly believe they can overturn their convictions as their appeals continue.

However, Lindsie previously addressed the rumored documentary detailing her family’s woes in the latest episode of her podcast, “Afternoon Tea with Lindsie Chrisley.” To that end, he revealed that he did declined the offer to participate in the project out of concern for the welfare of his father and stepmother.

Lindsie Chrisley's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Lindsey Chrisley

“I just decided not to participate in anything; I don’t even know what the hell is going on here. What could they document that would be so relevant that no one else knows yet?” she declared. Because of this, the 33-year-old stated that getting involved in the documentary just “wasn’t really worth” her time.

He also claimed it was “not fair to people” because “they’re going to be documenting people who may not be able to defend themselves in the event that they have to defend themselves.” Lindsie first spoke about the upcoming project on Instagram last week, writing:

“I would like to address a rumor about a possible documentary in which a family has been approached to be involved. I respectfully declined and have no plans to participate in any project that doesn’t allow everyone’s voice to be heard. We all have a story, there are always multiple sides, and the truth is somewhere in the middle.”

While her words emphasized her point, fans may need some clarification regarding the television personality’s contradictory statements. Although she claimed she was there to support her family, a previous Instagram Story revealed that she blocked her siblings during an argument to avoid confrontation.

He honestly admitted that Lindsie admitted to the mistake, admitted that she blocked everyone, and considered it her fault. However, he downplayed the seriousness of the situation by stating: “No drama, everything is fine. We are all fine.”

As noted by The Blast, the South Carolina-born blonde went back and forth on how she wanted to handle Todd and Julie’s tax burden, ultimately deciding it was better for her mental well-being to stay out of it..

The son of the “Chrisley Knows Best” alum can barely keep it together

Lindsie Chrisley Son is not visiting her grandparents behind bars

As Lindsie ponders how to deal with the family drama, she expressed deep concern for her son Jackson, who is also finding it difficult. In an emotional Instagram post shared recently, the doting mom bared her soul, sharing the ups and downs of her journey. Next to some photos capturing the precious moments of the past months, he wrote:

“On the way to the beach, I saw Jackson notice the signs for Pensacola, Florida, and he started looking around without saying much to me. I noticed that he was always watching my body language and facial expressions. He asked if he could open the sunroof so he could “feel daddy’s air. They don’t talk enough about the difficult decisions parents face every day.”

Continuing, she expressed that it’s hard to try to do what she thinks is best for her son without knowing how everything will turn out, especially considering how much Jackson misses his grandparents.. The single mom added that the 11-year-old even sends text messages to phones that Todd and Julie no longer have when she turns off her phone at night, which really broke her heart.

“It hurts me more to know that my decision to allow Jackson to visit my parents in a prison setting is based on the court ruling on their appeal. I trust that God has a plan,” Lindsie commented.

In closing, she stated that Jackson will eventually join her on her podcast to talk about what she did while providing a safe space for her to share her feelings about her grandparents’ incarceration.

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