Lindsie Chrisley Talks Not Reaching Out To Grieving Sister Savannah

Lindsie Chrisley is speaking up on the very controversial stance she took following her sister’s ex Nic Kerdiles’s passing last month.

The other half of the famous Chrisley sisters set the record straight on her podcast about her current situation with Savannah Chrisley and why she handled Kerdiles’s death differently. 29-year-old Kerdiles, a former NHL player and Savannah’s ex-fiance lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident on September 23 in Tennessee.

Lindsie Chrisley Is Keeping Her Distance Despite Savannah’s Painful Loss

The mom-of-one bared it all on the Wednesday episode of her podcast, “The Southern Tea Podcast” when asked to explain her current relationship with Savannah. Lindsie explained that she had not contacted her younger sister, whether in public or private, as she said:

“I know that she is understandably very upset and grieving, and I in no way wanted to make the situation worse than what it already was.”

Lindsie Chrisley breaks silence on Todd & Julie Chrisley's sentencing

She referred to Savannah’s statement on Viall Files about where they stand and how she’s standing by her younger sister’s words as she said:

“If you guys listened to Viall Files and things that were said over there, and then my response to that on Coffee Convos I chose to respect her wishes that she had expressed on that guest spot on Nick Viall’s podcast about us not having an involvement in each other’s personal lives. And just decided that it was best, not only for her, but for me, not to reach out.”

However, Lindsie revealed that she had reached out to other family members to check in on Savannah and stated that her heart goes out to the beauty mogul.

Lindsie continued that Savannah cut her family off during her relationship with Kerdiles, adding that she only reconnected when they called off their engagement and broke up. She stressed that she’s trying to handle things as privately as she can by saying:

“And like I said on Coffee Convos, it’s my understanding that the family does not want his memory to be overshadowed by the Chrisley family and for that reason that is why I have not said anything on social media whatsoever.”

Before her appearance on the podcast, Lindsie celebrated her 34th birthday with a very elaborate post on her Instagram page with pictures of herself and her boyfriend. The reality star tagged her previous year “a year of many life lessons” and shared her enthusiasm for year 34 while showering love on her man by writing:

“The best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.”

Fans Slam Lindsie Chrisley For Happy Post Amid Sister Savannah's Mourning
Instagram | Lindsie Chrisley

Per The Blast, the post upset fans and followers who wondered why she chose to be insensitive during such a difficult time for her sister. The post popped up shortly after Savannah publicly mourned the loss of her ex-fiance in an Instagram post that included some of the good times they shared.

The ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Star May Be Walking Down The Aisle In The Most Unusual Way

Lindsie is certainly no stranger to drama, as she revealed her boyfriend Trent’s weird plans to ask for her dad, Todd Chrisley’s blessings. The podcaster who divorced Will Campbell in 2021 made an Instagram debut with her new boyfriend in July, and it’s been a whirlwind romance since then.

As reported by The Blast, Lindsie shared that Trent is a traditional man who would want to ask her dad for her hand in marriage, which may be challenging as he’s behind bars. A confused Lindsie continued as she said:

“What would that even look like? How do you even approach that? How many visits would be appropriate to do that? I mean, you don’t just sign up and go to a weekend visit and be like, ‘Hey, by the way, nice to meet you. I want to marry your daughter. Like to me, that’s not appropriate. So like, how would you handle that situation? I don’t know.” 

Well, while Lindsie looks for answers, parting ways with Trent is not on the table as she said, “I would not go into another marriage with the option of divorce. That might be an option for somebody else, but it will not be for me.”

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