Lindsay Lohan shares pregnancy cravings

Lindsay Lohan gives fans the a glimpse into some of your pregnancy cravings since I announced that she is going to be a mom soon!

Lindsay Lohan loves a sandwich

Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan are seen in New York

Today, Lohan shared an IG story of a delicious-looking breakfast sandwich. The actress, who is currently pregnant with her first child, shared the short but sweet video that has us all super hungry.

Lohan took a close look at her sandwich. He opens it slowly and there is bacon, egg and cheese on the brioche bun. Cheese oozes out of the sandwich and looks like it was pressed in a panini press before serving Mean Girls actress.

Approve your stamp with an emoji with its tongue sticking out.

Just a month ago, the Disney star shared with her followers what to expect with her husband, Bader Shamas. He did not reveal specific details, but his announcement spoke volumes.

“We are blessed and excited! 🙏🤍👶🍼” he wrote next to the picture of white underpants with the words “coming soon”.


Lindsay Lohan’s family is excited

Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan leave the Drew Barrymore show in New York

The actress’ sister, Ali Lohan, shared a sweet message on Instagram, congratulating her big sister on the fantastic news.

“@lindsaylohan you’re going to be the best mom in the universe, that goes without saying. I just wanted to post it because our family and friends don’t know anymore. You are truly an angel and one of the kindest, kindest, most genuine, brilliant, beautiful, talented people I know. I love you with all my heart. #wegotitfromourmama ❤️.”

Lohan thanked Ali: “Thank you, sister! I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” Shammas, who is not a public figure, has not publicly said anything about his wife’s pregnancy, but sources close to the family shared that she is the best thing that happened to the actress.

Lindsay Lohan Pregnancy Desire

Lohan recently celebrated her one year anniversary with Shammas and shared a sweet photo on Instagram to commemorate the occasion. “2023. April 3. ❤️ 1 year ago today ❤️ Happy anniversary ☺️” – they stand with Hammas on a beach rock, hugging each other.

Lindsay Lohan appears

Lindsay Lohan and her family are coming to New York at the Paris Theater

Lohan hasn’t revealed how far along in her pregnancy she is, but her mother, Dina Lohan, was willing to share. Back in March, shortly after Lohan announced her pregnancy, Dina spoke to People magazine, bragging about her oldest daughter’s first child and even sharing that she’s showing off.

“Lindsay has always loved kids because I love kids and my mom loves kids; I am one of the four. We have a big family, so children have always wanted it. And so motherly. Isabelle, her niece, runs to him when she sees him.

She says Lohan has been trying for a while. “It’s the right time for him, and Bader is an angel.” Her husband is so sweet and they are so happy. They are just satisfied and ready.”

Dina shared that her daughter is “already showing” and as for the due date, “I can’t tell you, I’m going to be in trouble!” jokes Dina.

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