Lily-Rose Depp strips down for The Idol’s Felt Therapeutic

Lily-Rose Depp she says it was cool that she went nude for her role in the movieThe Idol.”

The actress revealed in a recent interview that she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying this kind of work, calling it “therapeutic” for her.

She previously defended her character’s “nudity” after the show was criticized for its near-nude scenes.

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“I love doing this kind of work”

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

Depp revealed that his role in the controversial series The Idol did not hesitate to go nude in several scenes. The actress who revealed it during an interview The day, he continued that he enjoyed this.

“It’s all me. I love doing this kind of work. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying that kind of work,” Depp said of her role as Jocelyn.

He added: “All the outfits, all the interactions, all the nudity – all those things were very intentional and very important to me.”

The 24-year-old also mentioned that her ‘love’ for this kind of work can make people think she’s ‘a bit twisted’. However, the actress then stated that she “feels really good after scenes like this” and called them “therapeutic” for her.

Lily-Rose Depp has previously defended her character’s ‘nakedness’ on ‘The Idol’

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Depp has come out in defense of his character on “The Idol.”

Shortly after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, it received a lot of criticism from news outlets, who called the show one of the “Pornhub-homepage odysseys”.

At the time, Depp said in response that his character’s “bareness” was necessary to portray him as a “born and bred performer.”

He wanted viewers to look behind the surface and see that Jocelyn’s dressing was a way that she was “always trying to say something… or express herself in some way.”

He added, per Daily Mail“I also think that the character’s bareness at times is a physical reflection of the bareness we see in him emotionally.”

Lily-Rose Depp’s co-star says The Idol is almost ‘educational’

Lily-Rose Depp revealed why she skipped the weekend filming 'The Idol'

Like Depp, The Weeknd has defended the series against criticism, noting in an interview that “The Idol” is almost “educational.”

He explained that the show teaches the not-so-glamorous parts of celebrity in today’s world.

“It’s almost instructive that this is what comes with being incredibly famous,” the singer said Species. “You’re surrounded by people whose true intentions you’re not sure of, even if they seem good. You just never know.”

The Weeknd also shared that none of what viewers saw on the show was a mistake, including the near-nude scenes that many complained about.

“With this show, we’re playing with genres, doing exactly what we wanted to do,” he added. “And none of that is a surprise. I’m excited for everyone to watch the rest of the show.”

There is no decision yet on whether to stop season 2, or during the abrupt ending of season 1

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

The continued backlash that “The Idol” has received since its debut has led to speculation that the series will be renewed for a second season.

One source said Page six, “This was never meant to be a long-running show; it was always… a limited run,” another noted that the door is “still definitely open” for a next season.

However, HBO, the streaming platform behind the show, noted that no decision has been made regarding the show’s future.

“Half-reported that a decision has been made regarding the second season of The Idol,” read the tweet. “No, and we can’t wait to share the next episode with you on Sunday night.”

Fans of the show were left stunned last Sunday when the trailer for the fifth episode called it the season finale of “The Idols.” This revelation meant that the previously six-episode series was cut short and will end sooner than expected. It is not yet clear what may have led to this change of plans.

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