Lily-Rose Depp never wanted a “puritan” role in “The Idol”.

Lily-Rose Depp she defended her role again in Sam Levinson’s film.The Idol.”

in his cover story Vogue Australiathe actress revealed she was “excited” to join the controversial series because she never wanted to play a puritanical role. Depp also mentioned that the character changed him and that he will never forget the memories he made on set.

“The Idol” is currently running on four episodes and will end on episode five; meanwhile, there is still no clarity on the show’s future.

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“It’s okay if this show isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay”

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

Even before its debut at the Cannes Film Festival, Levinson’s film “The Idol” received a lot of criticism, for example, for allegedly having a toxic set.

After its release on HBO, the series was once again slammed by viewers, who called out for its extremely explicit scenes, in which Depp’s character, Jocyelyn, was mostly seen at the center of it all.

Even though public opinion about the performance went straight to the gutter, the actress has repeatedly defended her role in it, and did so on her latest cover. Vogue Australia.

He told the publication: “I was never interested in making something puritanical. It’s okay if this show isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine – I think it’s the best art (it’s polarizing). Honestly, I’ve never felt more respected and safe on set.”

Lily-Rose Depp says ‘The Idol’ was ‘a beautiful time in my life’

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

Reflecting further on his decision to play Jocelyn, Depp said the “nudity and the risque nature of the role” was “really intentional”.

He said: “It was very important to me and something I was excited about. I’m not afraid of it. I think we live in a highly sexualized world. I think it’s an interesting thing to explore.”

Playing Jocelyn left a lasting impression on Depp, who commented that he would “never say goodbye” to the character.

He added: “It was such a beautiful time in my life, honestly, filming this, with you and all of us and everything.

“I will never forget him and he will live in my heart forever. I love this character so much, I feel like it really changed me and taught me so much.”

Lily-Rose Depp previously defended her role as “The Idol.”

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

In other instances, Depp has defended his character as “The Idol,” openly telling the world that their criticism will in no way change his opinion of the role.

In a recent interview The daythe actress noted that not only did she “love doing this kind of work”, she also didn’t think there was “anything wrong with enjoying this kind of work”.

She mentioned that “every outfit, every interaction, every nudity” was really “important” to her, adding that her near-nudity scenes felt “therapeutic”.

He made similar comments shortly after the screening at the Cannes Film Festival, particularly defending his character’s “nakedness”.

Depp said “I think that the character’s occasional nudity is a physical reflection of the nudity that we can see in him emotionally.”

‘The Idol’ ends in episode five

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

Unfortunately, Depp’s views, along with those of the rest of the main cast who spoke positively of him, haven’t been able to garner better ratings for the show since it debuted on HBO.

It was recently revealed that its debut season has been cut to five episodes from the six-episode layout it was originally ordered for in 2021.

While the change may come as a surprise, an insider noted that it wasn’t due to bad reviews, but due to editing issues.

“The season ended up being five episodes after Sam took over and made some major changes. In the end, only five were needed for the story,” said the insider camel Line.

As for the future of the show, HBO has yet to make a public decision, although they did tweet recently to clear up the rumors swirling around the internet.

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