Lily-Rose Depp criticized the nude scenes of “The Idol”.

Lily-Rose Depphis nude scenes in his new showThe Idol” was rated the best by critics. Comments classifying the series as pornographic have spread since its debut at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday.

Earlier this year, the series also faced criticism while still in production, with reports claiming the set was “toxic”, which Depp denied. The actress is in a relationship with rapper 070 Shake and has also dated other high profile people.

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Lily-Rose Depp was condemned for showing too many ‘breasts’ and ‘A**’

Lily-Rose Depp

Depp is facing major backlash for getting too many nude scenes on HBO’s The Idol. The series, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday, was created by Sam Levinson, director of “Euphoria” and singer The Weeknd, who also stars in it.

“Rarely a scene goes by without the camera flashing to her breasts or a**,” reads the The Hollywood Reporter about the role of the actress, in which she played a pop star named Jocelyn.

“You start to wonder if it adds up to anything, and based on the second episode, it seems likely that it probably doesn’t.”

Meanwhile, New York timesKyle Buchanan described the show as a “Pornhub homepage odyssey”. At the same time, Species He slammed the film, saying that the ugly scenes of actor Johnny Depp’s 23-year-old daughter were not ideal for Cannes.

‘The Idol’ has previously been criticized for being ‘toxic’

The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Sam Levinson

In April, people close to the production told the story Rolling stone that “The Idol” was full of “torture porn” and “violent fantasy,” setting a precedent for recent criticism of the show.

At the time, rumors swirled that the set was “toxic,” contradicting Depp’s New York Post in March, calling Levinson “the best director I’ve ever worked with” for “so many reasons.”

He added it“I’ve never felt more supported or respected in a creative space, my input and opinion were more valued. Working with Sam is a real collaboration in every way – for him, what is most important is not only what his actors think of the work, but also how we feel during the performance.”

Depp then heaped more praise on the director, saying, “He hires people whose work he values, and he always created an environment where I was seen, heard and appreciated.”

Lily-Rose Depp is dating rapper 070 Shake

Lily-Rose Depp

Earlier this month, he confirmed to fans that he is dating Danielle Balbuena, who raps under the name 070 Shake. Page six.

On his Instagram Story page at the time, he shared a picture of himself passionately kissing the female rapper with the caption, “4 MONTHS W MY CRUSH”. The recording also showed that the actress was holding her face with her lips locked.

A day later, Balbuena flaunted their love on social media, sharing a cute picture of their faces very close to the camera.

Rumors of the two’s relationship first sparked during this year’s Paris Fashion Week, which was held from February 27 to March 7. However, they seem to have been dating since mid-January.

Lily-Rose Depp’s previous relationships

Lily-Rose Depp goes shirtless on Instagram
Instagram | Lily-Rose Depp

Prior to his relationship with Balbuena, Depp had a fling with another rapper, Yassine Stein, with whom he was seen locking lips in November 2021.

She has also dated other high-profile people in the past, with Austin Butler and Timothée Chalamet reportedly on the list.

Although her affairs have thrust her into the limelight, the actress said in an April 2021 interview. Drew Barrymore in his eponymous show, that he has always preferred to keep his private life away from the eyes of the media.


“I think the value of privacy is something that was instilled in me from a young age,” Depp said.

She went on to talk about the importance of keeping her private life, even more so now that she has an acting career. “I’ve always learned the importance of privacy, the importance of that and keeping things to ourselves,” she explained, crediting her family for the life lesson.

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