Lil Wayne’s Last Los Angeles Show An Epic Fail, Fans Ruin The Moment

Lil Wayne stopped while performing and close it all. The energy of the crowd was chaos and he wasn’t here.

Lil’ Wayne’s last show of the tour

Winnie Harlow and Lil Wayne party together as they join 2 Chainz and Trey Songz at Saadiq by Made Nightlife

Yes, it was the finale that disappointed Mr. Carter so much. The final show of his ‘Welcome To Tha Carter Tour’ was at the Wiltern in Los Angeles on Saturday, when he had to address the crowd due to a lack of enthusiasm.

Wayne rapped some of his hits for 30 minutes before taking a break to allow some of Cash Money’s other artists to perform. Allan Cubas, Yaj and Lil Twist came on stage, did their thing and left.

When the superstar rapper returned to the stage, he was not happy. He immediately had the audience talking about how they reacted to the up and coming artists he was putting on stage. Wayne spoke deliberately into the microphone and casually swatted at the audience.

He tells Allan Cubas, “We appreciate it, but we’re not going to bend over backwards for these people. We work too hard for this crap. We work too hard.”

Lil’ Wayne wants recognition

Lil Wayne left the Lakers vs Clippers NBA game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The rapper continued to appeal to the ungrateful Los Angeles audience. “That’s my mother, Allan, the fucking artist, that was Twist, that was Yaj; We are Young Money. We appreciate the time.” Then, in a final power move, the rapper literally dropped the mic (putting it down gently for fear of feedback, still so damn attentive) and walked off the stage.

He took his talented crew with him and jumped! Concertgoers stayed there thinking it was somehow part of the show, but they were dead wrong. The lights came on, signaling the end of the show.

You don’t have to go home, but you do have to get out of Wiltern! If they couldn’t, they made an announcement to leave the building properly. These people must have forgotten that Wayne doesn’t have to work anymore. He’s good!

It is important for him to shine a light on new artists. Have you ever misdirected fans? Drake, Nicki Minaj, Blueface, you might know what you’re doing.

Fans took to social media

Lil Wayne's Last Los Angeles Show An Epic Fail, Fans Ruin The Moment

Naturally, the crowd took to social media to express their anger at Wayne for leaving like that, after all they were paying for a show.

“I went to the Lil Wayne concert tonight. We waited for him for 3 hours. then he lit up, he was cool, then he brought out some of his new artists and the lil twist that they were hits. wayne got mad and canceled the show. I still can’t believe he actually did that. smh #lilwayne.”

“I will never go to another Lil Wayne concert again after he arrived 3.5 hours late, then performed until 30, had a new artist perform during the break, then came out and canceled the rest of the concert because the crowd wasn’t up to it to his new artist. artist. #wiltern #lilwayne.”

Lil Wayne's Last Los Angeles Show An Epic Fail, Fans Ruin The Moment

“Front row seats… A let down smh @LilTunechi #lilwayne.”

Lil Wayne's Last Los Angeles Show An Epic Fail, Fans Ruin The Moment

Based on the comments, it seems that the majority of the concertgoers reached the same consensus that the show was lackluster, even with the 30 minutes. The artist is being ripped apart on the internet. Yes.

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