Life in prison after shooting his wife and son

Disgraced South Carolina attorney Richard “Alex” Murdaugh found guilty of murdering his wife and son. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Alex Murdaugh is guilty of two counts

Alex Murdaugh: The Jury Verdict Who Shot His Wife and Son
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Murdaugh was sentenced to two terms in prison in the summer of 2021 for his wife Maggie (52) and youngest son Paul (22) on their family. Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman sentenced Murdaught to life in prison.

He initially faced a harsh 30-year sentence for both murders. Prosecutors really wanted life in prison without parole. Many people have been waiting for this popular event, and not only in South Carolina. The former lawyer a domestic and international attraction.

the prosecution painted Murdaugh as a regular liar and not to be trusted when he says he didn’t kill his son and wife because he was the only one who had the chance.

Alex Murdaugh wanted to distract

Alex Murdaugh: The Jury Verdict Who Shot His Wife and Son
CTV News

Prosecutors say Murdaugh killed his family to distract them from his financial struggles. At the time, he was being investigated for financial theft from his business partners and clients.

He is also accused of using the stolen money to fund his extravagant lifestyle and support his opioid addiction. Murdaugh’s lawyer insisted he was a family man and because of his addiction, which was out of control, he was willing to lie and steal to finance it, as any addict would.

Alex pleaded not guilty but admitted to lying about where he was the night they were attacked and killed. The jury took less than 3 hours to deliberate Thursday after hearing closing arguments.

Justice Newman took a moment to address the court to note his feelings, calling the case “one of the most troubling”. The last six weeks have been tried in court and by jury.

Alex Murdaugh’s team won’t give up

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Murdaugh’s legal team said they plan to appeal the ruling within 10 days. The ex-lawyer knows his rights and intentions to practice as fully as possible. But the judge found it even more disturbing that Murdaugh was a lawyer and continued to engage in incriminating behavior.

“It was particularly heartbreaking for me to see in the media a grieving father who had lost his wife and a son become the person accused and convicted of their murder,” Judge Newman said before pronouncing life. concluding sentence.

“You have shown such duplicitous behavior here in the courtroom, here on the witness stand,” he declared passionately. “You always lied and lied during your testimony. To be fair, the judge seemed embarrassed to be mixed up with Murdaugh.

The judge noted that Murdaugh claims he did not kill his wife and son. “It might not have been you, but it might have been the monster you became when you took those pills,” implying that the murders were drug-related.

Murdaugh spoke in court and told his truth one more time before he was handcuffed and taken away.

“I would never hurt my wife and I would never hurt my son.”

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