Liam Payne says he’s ‘back’ after secret stint in rehab

Liam Payne shared a startling piece of information YouTube todayhe’s been in rehab for the past 100 days to “recover”.

Welcome, Liam Payne

Liam Payne at Chiltern Firehouse

The former One Direction member hasn’t been on her social media for the past few months, and while it’s not a big deal for her, it’s not like she’s been posting crazy, it’s different than what her fans are used to. to.

Payne shared in a low-key video, “I’m sorry (I’m) MIA. They know there’s a couple of reasons why I did it and I just needed to take some time out,” she says. “I became someone I didn’t recognize and I’m sure you didn’t either,” the 29-year-old revealed.

He revealed that he went to rehab to recover and is now “back” and starting over.

Liam Payne needed a little help

The Fashion Awards 2022

Former Boy Bander revealed that he checked into a ‘wonderful place in Louisiana’ where he went to ‘get his head straight’. He also revealed that he has discovered new talents such as drawing as well as music and poetry.

Payne, who looked happy and glowing in the moment, shared that she was “in a bad shape up until now.” He explained. “I was more than happy when I arrived to stop life and work. I didn’t have my phone for almost 100 days.”

“I wasn’t connected to the outside world at all, and it kind of prepared me for this moment,” she revealed. “When I left, the hardest part was turning the phone back on… because it was a bit scary.”

Liam Payne knows his money helps

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne leave the Universal Brit Awards Afterparty hand in hand.

While the artist took the moment to humbly brag about the facility and his absence, he says he’s “very lucky.” He also revealed that while it was nice for 100 days, he says it was “a nice world to come back to.”

He continued. “Thank you for this home and for this wonderful life I’ve lived.” He seized the moment and called his ex-partner Cheryl Cole and their cheater Bear for renewed support.

“There’s no point in being a father if you don’t have anything to teach,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve had much to say to him up to this point other than I loved him very deeply.” Thanks to these moments of interruption, he gets “more grips” and “more grips” on things that were previously out of his reach.

Liam Payne In Good Position

Liam Payne and Kate Cassidy appear together again as they leave the Chiltern Firehouse together, holding hands.

Although he still has work to do, the singer is happy to be on a better path. “After I came back, the process worked for me to a certain extent, but there were still little things that I had to sort of deal with myself.”

Now six months sober, he’s back for a show in Dubai. “It’s good to be in this position. I definitely don’t need these things anymore. The party’s over.”


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