Liam Neeson’s ‘The View’ appearance was ‘awkward’

Liam Neeson shared his thoughts on his recent “The View” appearance.

said the actor in a new interview that he was not impressed by what was discussed in the section. Neeson also shared that he was uncomfortable with being upset by the hosts.

Neeson made a guest appearance on the show to promote his 100th film, “Marlowe.” He explained that the film’s script was good, hinting at why he chose to star in the film.

The Oscar nominee also revealed that his wife has forbidden him from ever appearing in the James Bond Franchise.

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“I just wasn’t impressed”

Liam Neeson attends the 'Cold Pursuit' premiere

In an interview Rolling stoneNeeson discussed his interview on ABC.The view”, which aired almost a week ago. The actor recalled feeling “uncomfortable” during the show, mainly because of his reactions to the presenters’ presence.

He hoped their conversation would focus on a significant topic, mainly because he heard them talk about gun violence in America before he joined them on stage.

“I’m going to go up on stage and join the ladies at intermission and congratulate them on this conversation,” Neenson said of hosts Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Griffin and Sunny Hostin.

He added, per Insider, “And then our segment starts and it’s all BS with Joy and Liam Neeson and a crush and I’ve known Whoopi and Joy a little bit over the years, but I wasn’t impressed. I don’t feel comfortable in situations like this, you know?

Liam Neeson promoted his starring role in Marlowe

Liam Neeson waves to leave The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in New York

Neeson appeared on the daytime show as part of a promotional tour for his movie “Marlowe,” which marked a huge milestone as his 100th film.

However, the actor was bombarded with comments about his crush on Behar for most of the show. A compilation of footage even showed Behar making comments like, “I just want my ashes thrown on Liam Neeson.”

Citing the film’s solid story, the “Grey” star was given the chance to explain why she chose to play “Marlowe.” He also mentioned that this was his fourth time working with the film’s director, Neil Jordan.

In the film, Neeson plays Philip Marlowe, a fictional private eye created by Raymond Chandler. The cast also includes Diane Kruger, Jessica Lange, Alan Cumming, Ian Hart and Danny Huston.

Liam Neeson was afraid that “Taken” would fail

Liam Neeson is coming to ABC's Good Morning America in New York

Neeson also commented on his long film career and reputation as an action star in other parts of his conversation with her Rolling stone.

Regarding one of his highly rated films, ‘Taken’, he said that he was worried that the film would be a commercial failure during production.

Citing his fears, the actor recalled pleading with the director to abandon a scene that featured a similar narrative to other action films.

“I begged Pierre Morel, ‘Can we cut this back, please?’ This is so corny. I feel like I’ve seen and heard this in so many movies,’” Neeson recounted the experience.

He added, “I always thought it was going to be a direct-to-video movie, but I was really surprised when Fox cleverly cut a trailer, showed it at major sporting events, and it became a hit on release. Again, I was a bit confused.”

Liam Neeson’s wife didn’t want him to play James Bond


Elsewhere in the conversation, Neeson revealed that his late wife Natasha Richardson would not have married him if he had ever accepted the role of James Bond.

He shared the details after being asked if he turned down the iconic role in 1995’s ‘Golden Eye’.

“My lovely wife, God rest her, said to me while we were shooting Nell in Carolinas, ‘Liam, I want to tell you something: if you’re playing James Bond, we’re not getting married,'” Neeson said. , adding that he was “interested” but didn’t get the part.

“He gave me a James Bond ultimatum. And he meant it!” – he continued, and then said that his wife was decisive about this because the fictional character is connected to the concept of a lover of women.

The pair were married for almost two decades until Richardson died in 2009 following a skiing accident.


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