‘Lessons in Chemistry’ Trailer: Brie Larson on Sexism in Science

Lewis Pullman and Aja Naomi King also star in the novel adaptation for Apple TV+.

Brie Larson is the brilliant Elizabeth Zott in the highly anticipated Apple TV+ series “Lessons in Chemistry”.

Adapted from Bonnie Garmus’s viral BookTok novel of the same name, “Lessons in Chemistry” stars Larson as Elizabeth, a scientist who dreams of running a lab in a patriarchal 1950s society. When Elizabeth finds herself fired from her lab, she takes a job hosting a TV cooking show and sets out to teach a nation of neglected housewives and suddenly listening men about much more than recipes.

Also starring Lewis Pullman, Aja Naomi King, Stephanie Koenig, Kevin Sussman, Patrick Walker and Thomas Mann.

Oscar winner Larson is executive producing alongside Oscar nominee Susannah Grant (“Incredible”). Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan (“Ozark,” “A Teacher”) are executive producers for Aggregate Films, which is producing the series for Apple Studios. Natalie Sandy executive produces through Piece of Work Entertainment with six-time Emmy-nominated showrunner Lee Eisenberg (“WeCrashed”). Louise Shore also serves as executive producer.

Pullman was recently seen in supporting roles in Eliza Scanlen’s critically acclaimed Sundance film “The Starling Girl” and the Best Picture-nominated “Top Gun: Maverick.” Meanwhile, leading man Larson will star in “Fast X” and the upcoming MCU “The Marvels,” reprising his role as Captain Marvel.

Larson reflected the Harper’s Bazaar cover story about digging too deep in the periodical “Lessons in Chemistry,” filmed in Los Angeles. From the 1950s cars to the costumes, Larson said the details made the show all inclusive on set.

“The only time I was alone was sleeping in the car. And after two weeks, I really had to sit there and go, “My name is Brie. It’s 2022. Downtown Los Angeles is right outside your door, and no one knows what’s going on here. Nobody cares,” Larson said.

Showrunner Eisenberg added of Larson, “The amazing thing is that you talk to her and then the director calls an action, and all of a sudden you see her eyes change and she becomes a different person.”

“Lessons in Chemistry” premieres on Apple TV+ in Fall 2023.

Check out the trailer below.


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