Leonardo DiCaprio is unhappy with his dating reputation under 25

Leonardo DiCaprio over the years he has gained a reputation for only dating women 25 and under. However, the rumors are now bothering the actor and he wants to change that.

DiCaprio’s recent split with girlfriend Camila Morrone after he turned 25 fueled claims that he couldn’t date someone his age. Since their breakup, the actor has been linked to two other women under the age of 25. However, she is reportedly still single.

Now DiCaprio is reportedly looking for a “mature” relationship like the one he had with Morrone. Although he plans to settle down, dating speculation has followed him for more than a decade and it worries him.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is not happy about the accusation of under-25s

Leonardo DiCaprio on the photo shoot of the movie The Revenant

A source recently revealed the Daily Mail that Leonardo DiCaprio is finally ready to date more “mature” women. This comes after the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star only dates women under the age of 25.

The source said: “Leo is very single at the moment and isn’t keen on the hype that suggests he’s after these very young women.” The ‘Shutter Island’ actor was reportedly very frustrated with the dating rumours.

According to the insider, the Oscar-winning actor is ready for “something real” like he had with Morrone, but refuses to deal with the consequences of his past actions.

They said, “That’s just ridiculous, because you can’t go anywhere without hooking up with the youngest beautiful woman.” Although DiCaprio seems ready to shake off his bad dating reputation, the actor fears his image has been permanently damaged.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating timeline backs up the claims

quot Once Upon a Time in Hollywood quot movie premiere London, United Kingdom

Although DiCaprio recently raised suspicions of a new relationship, his ex Camila Morrone was the latest victim of his under-25 reign. The “Titanic” star broke up with him shortly after he turned 25. Before that, he dated several other models and actresses in their early 20s, including Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively, and Erin Heatherton.

Although there were several reasons for the breakup, none of the stars turned 25 while they were dating DiCaprio. Although the public has recently spotted the star in the company of Eden Polani, 19, and Victoria Lamas, 25, the actor’s rep has assured that he is still very much single.

Following the backlash over dating rumors with Polani, the source explained that DiCaprio and the model were just hanging out. They said: “They sat next to each other at an audition party.” They also noted that other people attended the event and confirmed that the pair were not an item.

He slammed social media after he was spotted with a 19-year-old model

Eden Polanyi

Rumors about their relationship followed pictures of Polani and DiCaprio at a party together. After the photos went viral, several social media users called out the now 48-year-old for dating someone 30 years his junior.

A Twitter user wrote, “It’s really shocking to think that Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend is my age and Leonardo DiCaprio is older than my dad.” Another user commented“Leonardo DiCaprio was one of my first crushes back in the day, and now I’m almost old enough to be the mother of one of his girlfriends.”

A source close to the star quickly shut down the rumours, saying Daily Mail that they were fake and the couple happened to be with others at the event. The 19-year-old girl caused another reaction after she shared their now-deleted photo together on her Instagram page.

Leonardo DiCaprio almost dated someone over 25

Gigi Hadid

DiCaprio nearly broke his under-25 reign with his short-lived relationship with 27-year-old model Gigi Hadid late last year. The actor and Hadid started dating in December after his split from Morrone, but the budding romance didn’t lead to anything serious.

Although they ended things quickly, reports at the time claimed that Hadid and DiCaprio were still good friends. THE Daily Mail a source noted that they “enjoyed” the relationship while it lasted.

Before her brief fling with DiCaprio, Hadid was in a long-term relationship with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. The couple decided to raise their daughter Khai together.

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