Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently NOT dating a 19-year-old model

The dating rumors surrounding the award-winning actor in another exhibition titled ‘the internet was wrong about the internet’ Leonardo DiCaprio and 19-year-old model Eden Polanyi they turned out to be false. The pair were photographed sitting together at an album release party last week.

Before the rumors, DiCaprio dated Camila Morrone. The actor dated Morrone for four years before splitting in mid-2022. Since then and until now, DiCaprio has been linked to two women, Gigi Hadid and Victoria Lamas. Neither relationship lasted long, and earlier this year he was spotted on a yacht with several young models in bikinis.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is not dating Eden Polani

Eden Polanyi

While DiCaprio has a thing for the younger ladies, he is reportedly not in the mood for 19-year-old model Polani, who he is rumored to be dating. After days of speculation and internet backlash over the supposed romantic relationship, TMZ revealed that the actor was not dating Polani.

Rumors of a romance began when DiCaprio and the model were spotted together at a music launch for Ebony Riley’s EP in Los Angeles last week. They were photographed sitting together, but other than that there was no indication that they were in a relationship.

According to the sources, the duo is not a couple and they happened to be sitting next to each other at the event. They also hung out in the same crowd at the party, which resulted in their seating arrangement. DiCaprio is reportedly not looking for anything serious right now.

He Was Spotted On A Boat With Hot Young Models

Leo DiCaprio at Once Upon A Time in Hollywood premiere

The Oscar-winning actor was spotted on a yacht with several women earlier this year. Provided by photos TMZ showed the actor relaxing on a lounger and sunbathing on the luxury yacht while surrounded by models in bikinis.

Other pictures show DiCaprio chatting with scantily clad beauties on board before taking a dip. Not sure who the women on board are; however, one was identified as Madison Headrick, the fiancee of DiCaprio’s good friend Joe Nahmad.

The actor was previously in a relationship with model and actress Morrone, but they split in August 2022. Since then, DiCaprio has been seen with mother-of-one and popular model Hadid, and before Polani, Victoria Lamas.

Leonardo DiCaprio is taking heat for Eden Polani dating rumors

Eden Polanyi

Before the latest news that DiCaprio was not romantically involved with Polani, several social media users called out the actor for dating someone significantly younger than him. DiCaprio is known for having romantic partners no older than 25 and broke up with long-term girlfriend Morrone last year after turning 25.

Post by Dr. Charlotte Proudman read, “Leonardo DiCaprio (almost 50) is dating a 19-year-old who was only a few years old and wasn’t even born when Titanic came out, smh.” Another called her to go on a date with someone who “went to prom on Zoom.”

Another post went so far as to call the “Titanic” actor “weird” for his supposed preferences. BW Carlin wrote, “Leonardo DiCaprio is a weirdo. As someone who works with college students and has worked with upperclassmen in high school, he is an oddity. Are they legally adults? Yes. Are you doing something illegal? No. Strange? Yes.”

Leonardo DiCaprio was linked to Victoria Lamas

Victoria Lamas

DiCaprio was most recently linked to Victoria, the 23-year-old daughter of Lorenzo Lamas. The duo have been spotted out quite a few times; however, the “Falcon Crest” star claimed that her daughter and DiCaprio were just friends and not in a serious relationship.

speaking with tHe New York Post, Lorenzo said, “I know you like him a lot. I think they met last month. I’m not sure of the circumstances, but that’s what he told me.” The actor revealed that his daughter informed him of the development shortly after she was photographed getting into DiCaprio’s vehicle.

Lorenzo continued, “He’s very impressed. I told him to treat the relationship like a holiday – just enjoy it while you can. And if it lasts longer than your average vacation, great. But if not, just watch your heart, you know? Because he’s very young.”

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