Leonardo DiCaprio, Gigi Hadid spotted partying in the Hamptons

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Romance rumors have reignited after the pair were recently spotted at a party over the weekend.

Reports revealed that the duo were seen “chatting” and “vibing” at the party, which was also attended by several other celebrities.

Despite the rumors that followed, it was speculated that the pair were not in a ‘casual relationship’ and were just friends.

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid live it up in the Hamptons

quot Once Upon a Time in Hollywood quot film premiere London UK

Rumors of a romantic relationship between DiCaprio and Hadid are still heating up, as the duo were spotted together at a party thrown by tech mogul David Rosenberg in the Hamptons.

Grayling Daily Mail, DiCaprio and Hadid arrived separately at the weekend event. The model apparently arrived early to join her friend Leah McCarthy’s birthday celebrations, while the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ actor showed up later, after midnight.

A source confirmed they were seen ‘talking to each other’ and ‘everyone thought they were together’. The insider also noted that the “energy” between the duo was palpable, adding that they had “vibes.”

It’s unclear if DiCaprio and Hadid planned to meet at the party instead of meeting in a secret way to keep fans guessing about the nature of their relationship.

The party was attended by a host of other celebrities including Winnie Harlow, Gayle King and Cuba Gooding Jr.

They are not in a “non-open relationship”

Gigi Hadid

Grayling Page six, DiCaprio and Hadid’s alleged romance dates back to 2022 after they were spotted hanging out together at the opening of an exclusive club in New York.

That same year, they fueled romance speculation even more when they were spotted getting close at a New York Fashion Week after-party in the city.

Things went up a notch sometime last month when rumors started swirling that the pair were in a ‘no strings attached’ relationship. However, a source rubbished the rumours, noting that although the duo once tried to date, it didn’t work out.

“They had been trying to date for a while to see if there was something there, but there just wasn’t,” the source said. Daily Mail.

“They’re friends and have been for so long, but they’re not in an open, no-strings-attached relationship.”

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Enjoys His Friendship’ With Gigi Hadid

British Vogue X Selfie Summer Party London, UK - 20 July 2022

Based on Daily Mailtheir source also urged curious fans to stop speculating about DiCaprio and Hadid dating, adding that the actor isn’t content with a casual fling.

They said, “That sounds cheap, and it’s not. If she’s with someone, she’s with him. He enjoys being friends with Gigi and that’s it.”

Adding to the speculation is that DiCaprio and Hadid have been seen twice in London recently having dinner with her parents.

However, the insider said there’s no more to the fling, noting that “It’s ridiculous that a man and a woman can’t be friends” without people thinking they’re an item.

Both DiCaprio and Hadid have remained tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship. However, it’s worth noting that Hadid is significantly older than the women DiCaprio has been seen with lately, and she’s the only mother figure who’s caught his eye.

Leonardo DiCaprio has gained weight in recent months

Leonardo DiCaprio on the photo shoot of the movie The Revenant

There has been speculation recently about Leonardo DiCaprio’s noticeable weight gain in recent months.

According to a source, DiCaprio indulges in a variety of foods, both at high-end restaurants and in the form of junk food and sweets. It has been mentioned that his late-night partying often results in excessive eating.

The insider said per The things, “At the best restaurants, he eats whatever he wants – but he also gorges on junk food and sweets.”

They added: ‘He likes to eat greasy burgers and fries to kill the chance of a hangover, but he doesn’t stop at just one. He also downs two or even three double cheeseburgers.

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