LeBron James Recalls His First NBA Game ‘Exactly 20 Years’ Ago

Fans are getting nostalgic as it has been 20 years of beauty and magic from the one and only LeBron James!

It has been exactly two decades since the NBA superstar began the illustrious career that earned him the beloved moniker “King James.” The Ohio sensation marked the incredible milestone with the SAME move against the SAME opponents in the SAME area months after becoming the highest-scoring basketball player of all time.

Fans Laud LeBron James With Praises As The King Of Longevity!

The sensational athlete reflected on his longtime career by proving he remains an undefeated champion in sports. The 38-year-old marked the 20th anniversary of his superstar status on Instagram, comparing pictures from his first and recent matches against the Sacramento Kings.

In both the past and present pictures, James executes a fanatic dunk, showing that despite 20 years apart, he can efficiently deliver the spectacular move. The 19-time NBA All-Star honoree’s match occurred in the same Sacramento area on the same day against the same opponents as his first-ever basketball game.

Coincidentally, or perhaps the media personality’s way of marking this momentous occasion, the Ohio sensation wore the same shoes as his first match against the Sacramento Kings — a pair of Nike sneakers.

The only difference in the snaps is the team James played for. In 2003, the 38-year-old began his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. The side-by-side pictures unleashed a swell of emotions in the entertainer, who captioned the heartwarming post:

“First game ever—October 29th, 2003. Last Night—October 29th, 2023. Exactly 20 years apart! WILD!! #ThekidfromAkron #striveforgreatness.”

The media personality’s 20th anniversary received positive reactions from his followers, many celebrating the athlete’s undeniable greatness. “This is why LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time,” a fan declared.

“20 years ago, I was in Elementary school, and bro is still going; smh,” another reflected on the NBA star’s career. “King’s first game against the Kings….Very fitting,” a third chimed.

“LeLongevity,” a fellow supporter referenced the AP Athlete of the Decade recipient’s name while the Lakers team penned: “20 years and counting” alongside a crown emoji. The Sports energy drink brand GOAT Fuel commented, “Been dominating since day 1,” with other celebrities joining the praise wagon.

The actor Keith Powers claimed he had seen the 38-year-old’s past and present matches, writing: “I watched both!” While the Brazilian footballer Vinícius Júnior expressed his love for the beloved King James with a fitting crown emoji. “Let’s Go!!! Thanks for 20yrs & 2 Decades of 🐐👑🔥 Greatness!!” A social media user praised the NBA superstar.

“I been watching since I was in kindergarten, playing on my little tiles court in my room. Now I’m about to be 26, LeGoat James,” a fan recalled. “You played your first ever game on the night that I was born,” someone announced while another declared the athlete is “aging in reverse!”

However, a few trolls reared their heads, with one conspiracy theorist claiming the Ohio sensation’s recent dunk had been planned. “NBA so scripted, man, they had to let you get that break away just for this exact picture, lol.” Another hater criticized the Lakers’ loss against the Sacramento Kings with the comment: “Bro, you lost & these dunks are not even similar.”

LeBron James Is The Highest Scoring NBA Player Of All Time

LeBron James becomes NBA all-time leading scorer in Los Angeles, USA - 7 Feb 2023

Months before his 20th anniversary on the court, the 3-time Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year honoree became the highest-scoring basketball player in February. The athlete passed former title holder Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record of 38,387 points with a stellar achievement of 38,390 points.

James broke the record during the third quarter of the L.A. Lakers match against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Crypto Arena. The court stands were filled with the athlete’s family, friends, and fans, including Abdul-Jabbar, who witnessed the 38-year-old score points to become the most outstanding player ever.

It was an unforgettable moment when the Ohio native scored the final point to achieve his new record, with the crowd going wild as Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, announced: “LeBron, you are the NBA’s all-time scoring leader. Congratulations.”

Before becoming number one, James became the second basketball player after Abdul-Jabbar to score more than 38,000 points earlier in the NBA season. At that time, the media personality told reporters:

“Been appreciative of the opportunity to play this game at the highest level. I love the game of basketball. I love being a part of the NBA and being able to inspire so many different sets of generations. I guess it’s a pretty big deal.”

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