LeBron James opens the Starbucks community store with this reward

LeBron James is giving back to the community in his hometown of Akron, Ohio in a unique way.

This week, the NBA star opened a Starbucks inside Three Thirty, which boasts a number of interesting features such as a bank, bar, wine room, social room and a “LeBron Museum” that includes that apartment’s a copy in which you previously lived. getting into the NBA and so on.

While this all sounds pretty unique, there is one more unique feature that employees can enjoy. The 46 employees not only receive an hourly wage, but also obtain a practical certificate in the hospitality industry.

LeBron James opens Three Thirty in Akron, Ohio

LeBron James opens House Three Thirty in Akron, OH
LeBron James Family Foundation – Instagram

The Three Thirty house, which is Akron’s area code, ironically opened on March 30th.

Based on Athletic, the basement has a wine room designed by James and his longtime business partner, Maverick Carter. There’s also a bar and community room donated by James’ financial advisor and the tequila company he works with, as well as a sports bar and barbecue museum that includes a replica of Spring Hill Apartment 602, where James lived for years with his mother, Gloria, before being drafted . In 2003, the Cavaliers.

Employees participate in an entirely new kind of on-the-job training, where instead of attending a community college or vocational high school, they are paid and certified while doing hands-on learning.

While only Starbucks and the bank are currently open, by the end of 2024 House Three Thirty will include an ice cream parlor, clothing store, taco shop and event space.

All employees are retrained in all stores of the Three Thirty house. From working in the coffee shop, taco shop, sports bar, and organizing the venue’s events, workers receive hourly wages and training credits.

House Three Thirty is run by LeBron James I Promise students, teachers and parents

Three houses in their thirties
LeBron James Family Foundation – Instagram

House Three Thirty’s vision includes providing work experience and on-the-job training to the community.

“House Three Thirty’s vision is to serve our families’ needs for more work experience and hands-on training. This expansive space spans all sides, including this one-of-a-kind Starbucks location,” said Michele Campbell, a LeBron James Family Foundation according to his written statement Black Company.

“We are very grateful to Starbucks for entrusting us to help rewrite the manual of what job training looks like and how we can employ people for their future. What you can expect from this place is caring and knowledgeable team members, ‘best in class’ service, a warm and welcoming environment, and a community model that we believe can change the world.”

House Three Thirty is within walking distance I promise school.

“Having the opportunity to learn, work and serve my community in such an incredible way is life-changing for me and for everyone who works at House Three Thirty,” said D’Onjai White, Starbucks Senior Vice President. “We can’t wait to deliver a brand new ‘We Are Family’ type of service that you can only get here because this opportunity means the world to us.”

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