Leandro De Niro was reportedly warned about fentanyl-laced pills

The suspected drug dealer was in a relationship with the late teenage grandson Robert de Niro, Leandro De Niroallegedly warned her about the dangers of fentanyl pills.

Leandro, who tragically died of a suspected fentanyl overdose this month, was found with drugs and paraphernalia — including cocaine, a straw with residue and two different types of pills.

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Leandro De Niro’s drug dealer warned him about fentanyl-laced pills

Robert De Niro's grandson, actor Leandro, dies at the age of 19
Instagram | Drena De Niro

Based on Page sixAn ongoing investigation by cops revealed that the suspected drug dealer, identified as Sophia Marks, allegedly warned Leandro of the dangers of fentanyl before selling it to him.

Marks claims he consistently stressed the life-threatening risks of fentanyl pills and cautioned the teenager not to take too much of the drug.

Investigators recovered the late Leandro’s phone from the scene of his death, where it was discovered that he had purchased fake Oxycodone and Xanax just days before his death.

In one message, Marks asked her, “Do you really need them… (I don’t) want to kill you,” later adding, “I just don’t like serving them because they don’t write the script.”

He even asked her not to overdo it after they struck a $105 deal for over-the-counter oxycodone pills and two Xanax pills.

Leandro De Niro’s toxicology report reveals the presence of cocaine, fentanyl and benzodiazepines

A suspect is reportedly in custody in connection with the death of Robert De Niro's grandson
Instagram | Drena De Niro

Following the young actor’s untimely death, a recent toxicology report revealed the presence of cocaine, fentanyl and benzodiazepines in his system. Page six. Toxicology findings shed light on the substances that contributed to his tragic death and raise further questions about the circumstances surrounding his drug use.

According to investigations, Marks, who was arrested in connection with Leandro’s death, allegedly drove the drug to his home on July 1 around 9:15 p.m. after being warned about its dangers.

He allegedly texted her: “Are you okay?” after the administration of the drugs, but did not receive a response.

The next day, authorities found Leandro’s lifeless body with drugs in his New York apartment.

Marks allegedly continued business as usual, selling 50 identical pills to undercover agents and asking them to “be careful with these … don’t do more than one at a time … my friend just died.”

Drena De Niro is mourning the death of her son

Robert De Niro's grandson, actor Leandro, dies at the age of 19
Instagram | Drena De Niro

After his son’s death, Leandro’s mother, Drena, took to Instagram for a second time, expressing her deep shock and overwhelming sadness. The grieving mother shared her heartfelt feelings and how her son’s death has devastated their family.

“It is with immeasurable shock and sadness that we say goodbye to our beloved son, Leo,” he wrote.

The “Furlough” actress added: “We thank you for the outpouring of love and support and ask that we be given some privacy at this time to process this inconsolable grief.”

Drena previously used the popular media sharing app to share the sad news of Leandro’s death.

Robert De Niro's grandson, actor Leandro, dies at the age of 19
Instagram | Drena De Niro

She shared a photo of both of them and wrote, “Love you without words or description from the moment I felt you in my belly.

He added: “You were my joy my heart and all that was pure and real in my life. I wish I was with you right now. I wish I was with you.”

Drena noted that she doesn’t “know how to live without her son” but promised to “try to move on and spread the love and light” that he made her feel when she “could be his mother.”

Roberto De Niro too He is “deeply depressed” over the death of his grandson

British Academy Film and Television Awards 2020

The devastating loss of Leandro deeply affected his grandfather, the famous actor Robert De Niro. The legendary actor is struggling with immeasurable pain after the untimely death of his “beloved” grandson.

“I am deeply saddened by the death of my beloved grandson Leo. Thank you very much for everyone’s condolences. We are asking for privacy so we can grieve the loss of Leo,” Robert said in a statement.

Despite his young age, Leandro showed great promise as he pursued his passions with determination. He has appeared in several films including ‘A Star is Born’, 2018’s ‘Cabaret Maxime’ and 2005’s ‘The Collection’.

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