Lala Kent joins the Ozempic conversation and says “enough is enough”

Reality TV star Lala Kent has added her voice to the conversation about the misuse of the type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic for weight loss.

He has been an advocate for health and wellness, and his stance on this issue is no different. She believes it’s time for people to take responsibility for their actions and prioritize their health over their appearance.

Lala Kent expresses her frustration at the abuse of Ozempik

During a recent interview with PEOPLE at the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 premiere event, Lala expressed her frustration with those who abuse the substance. The FDA-approved drug is injected into the thigh, stomach, or arm and helps lower blood sugar by stimulating insulin production and reducing appetite.

Recently, narcotics and other injectables such as Wegovy and Mounjaro have attracted attention on social media and in the entertainment industry for their non-medical use, specifically for weight loss. The 32-year-old man spoke out in Hollywood circles against those who turn to Ozempi for weight loss and not for its intended use:

“Quit it for weight loss, enough is enough.”

Lala Kent joins the Ozempic Convo and says:
Instagram | Lala Kent

The TV personality believes Hollywood has problems and it’s time for a change, starting with setting a better example for future generations. She added that this trend puts unnecessary pressure on those in the industry to conform to a specific body type, which only perpetuates unhealthy habits. The actress noted:

“I think a lot of things need to change and it starts with us, and there are times when I roll my eyes and say, ‘Let’s do better, all of us.’

Recently, several celebrities have expressed their opinion about the dangerous trend. Per The Blast, started after TikTok went viral. It is not enough, so it is difficult for those who need it for their intended purpose.

Chelsea Handler also joined the conversation to express her distaste for the injectable. The 47-year-old revealed that her anti-aging doctor prescribed Ozempic without her knowledge while speaking to Alexandra “Alex” Cooper on the latest episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast.

Handler recounted how she took the medication as directed, but after experiencing nausea and talking to a friend, she realized it was the medication that was causing the discomfort. The actress shared that she had just returned from a vacation in Spain and at first attributed her nausea to jet lag, but it became clear that it was the result of taking Ozempic.

After realizing he didn’t need it, he stopped using it and passed the remaining doses on to friends. He admitted that while he may be an “irresponsible drug user”, taking the diabetes medication was not a responsible decision. He said, “I tried, but I won’t do it. This is not for me. It’s not right for me.”

The founder of “Give Them Lala Beauty” shows a bruised face from a cosmetic procedure

Lala Kent joins the Ozempic Convo and says:
Instagram | Lala Kent

The beauty and plastic surgery star recently underwent cosmetic surgery just before the holiday season. The explosion shared that she’s been very open with her followers about her recovery, sharing detailed information about the process, including photos of her face red and bruised from the procedure.

Kent said: “Today was my last day of work and I decided to make the most of the downtime with a PRF + microneedling treatment,” before explaining the process. Reflecting on his previous experiences, he stated:

“I had this treatment for some time before the epidemic and I am very happy to see the results again. I also injected the remaining platelets under my eyes, as I prefer this method to injecting the filler into the eye area.”

In a later Story post, Lala Kent went into more detail about the PRF procedure, comparing it to another popular beauty treatment, including a photo taken right after the treatment, and emphasizing the importance of not washing the face for 12-24 hours after the treatment. procedure.

True to her word, she shared more updates on her Instagram Story after she finished washing off her treatment. In the slide, her face looked clearer and the redness reduced before she shared pictures of three recommended products. He noted that taking vitamin C helps with any lingering bruising.

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