Lady Gaga would do THIS even if she didn’t succeed

Lady Gaga, widely recognized as one of the most famous pop icons in the world, has undoubtedly achieved incredible success. However, despite her fame, the 13-time Grammy winner admitted that she prefers to maintain a small inner circle and enjoys spending time to herself. He cherishes his solitude so much that he has no plans to change it.

The ‘Telephone’ artist shared his early inspiration and how he would always write music without fame. He also encourages his audience to spread love and kindness.

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Lady Gaga has revealed that she wants to live “alone”.


In an interview Wallpaper magazine, the Oscar-winning artist expressed interest in a more solitary lifestyle. I’m interested in living more of a solitary life,” he said. Gaga has described how liberating time alone is, allowing her to grow and realize her self-worth.

Reflecting on his younger years, the singer-songwriter shared that despite spending a lot of time alone writing music, as he became more successful, he began to seek validation from others, which led him away from his original intention of making music solely for love. about the craft.

However, he emphasized that he always wanted to pursue music, not the rewards that come with it. He also shared his inspiration and wrote a book about it Letters to a young poet Rainer Maria Rilke for inspiring him at the age of 14. The book made such a deep impression that he tattooed a quote from it on his arm.

“Even if I wasn’t successful, I would still write”

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The “Born This Way” hitmaker had a transformative experience in Osaka at the age of 23. He pondered his purpose in life in the deepest hour of the night, and the question suddenly arose in him: “Would you die if you were forbidden to write?” This question made him search deep within himself, until finally the answer came: “Muss ich schreiben? (should I write?)”

For him, writing is not only a means of success, and even if he had not reached the level he enjoys now, he would still be writing, driven by an insatiable desire to express himself through words.

“If I wasn’t as successful as I am today — I’m very grateful for my success — I’d still be doing it, I’d be on the Lower East Side. I would do it no matter what. 100%, said Per Page six.

While giving a glimpse into her personal life, the pop icon shared that despite what many assume, her life is not dominated by Hollywood.

“I know because I don’t spend a lot of time in Hollywood. Maybe I look like me because sometimes award season happens and you see it on the red carpets. But I am very much at home and working. That’s what makes me happy,” he noted.

Lady Gaga talks about the impact of fame

Lady Gaga attends the premiere "House of Gucci" in Milan

The “Paparazzi” singer has discussed the topic of fame several times. At a live performance in London in 2016, he opened up to his fans about the effects of always being in the public eye.

Gaga revealed that her wealth, beauty and celebrity status put her on a pedestal and earned her widespread admiration around the world.

However, he also admitted that fame is a double-edged sword. Despite being famous, he also experienced downsides, including a lack of privacy and constant scrutiny of his personal life.

Lady Gaga inspires fans with kindness with ‘Joanne’ album

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Grayling The guardianthe artist explained that his world travels have given him a unique perspective on wealth, happiness and personal values.

He said: “I traveled the world and saw the happiest people in the poorest parts of the world. Their values ​​are intact. In the richest homes I meet the saddest and most depressed people.”

With this realization, Gaga created her album “Joanne” to remind her fans and the world that love and kindness are essential in life. In a world where the pursuit of fame and celebrity is often glorified, he believes that compassion and love create harmony and connection between people, not the pursuit of fame and celebrity.

Gaga hopes her music will inspire others to prioritize kindness and compassion over material gain and focus on the things that really matter in life.

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