Kumail Nanjiani criticizes Marvel’s best directors

“Eternal” actor Kumail Nanjiani He weighed in on the criticisms of Marvel movies by top directors Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.

The actor said in a recent interview that both Scorsese and Tarantino, who have made iconic films over the years, have “earned the right to earn the right to comment on films.”

Scorsese has previously compared Marvel movies to theme parks, while Tarantino says Marvel actors are not movie stars.

Other Marvel stars like Simu Liu and Samuel L. Jackson have also shared their opinions in favor of the Marvel franchise.

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Kumail Nanjiani says Martin Scorsese has “earned the right” to criticize Marvel Movies

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Nanjiani shared his own thoughts on veteran Hollywood directors Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino’s criticism of the Marvel franchise.

The pair criticized the multibillion-dollar franchise, with Scorsese comparing Marvel movies to theme parks and Tarantino saying Marvel actors aren’t movie stars.

Regarding their opinions, the Eternals actor pointed out that the two directors have “earned” the right to criticize Marvel films, although he vehemently disagrees with their opinions.

The actor said per Insider“Obviously, I like movies made by Tarantino or Scorsese, and I may not agree with Scorsese’s take on superhero movies, but I mean, who else has earned the right to have an opinion?”

Both Scorsese and Tarantino have made iconic films over the years that have won numerous awards, which Nanjiani believes gives the duo the right to free speech.

He added, “If Scorsese hasn’t earned the right to have an opinion about movies, then none of us should have an opinion about movies.”

Martin Scorsese’s review of Marvel movies

Martin Scorsese

Back in October 2019, Scorsese boldly criticized Marvel Movies in an interview Empire Magazine.

“I don’t see them,” he said at the time. “I tried, you know? But this is not cinema. Honestly, theme parks are the closest thing to theme parks I can think of, no matter how well they’re made, where the actors do the best they can under the circumstances.”

The veteran director doubled down on his statement, saying that the Marvel movies failed to “convey an emotional, psychological experience to another person.”

Later that month, Scorsese again criticized the Marvel films for turning “theaters” into “theme parks”.

Via Insider, he added: “That’s all well and good, but in that sense, don’t attack everything else… It’s not my kind of thing, it’s just not. It creates a different kind of audience that thinks cinema is.”

What Quentin Tarantino said about the Marvel movies

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin’s comment about the Marvel movies was more directed at actors taking on superhero characters.

“Part of the admiration in Hollywood is to have these actors who have become famous playing these characters,” the director said on the “2 Bears, 1 Cave” podcast. Insider. “But they’re not movie stars.” Captain America is the star. Thor is the star.”

At the time, he also expressed reservations about Hollywood’s recent preoccupation with producing superhero movies. He said more alternatives would make going to the movies much better.

Tarantino said: “There’s an aspect that if these (Marvel) movies came out in my 20s, I’d be perfectly happy and I love them a lot. I mean, those wouldn’t be the only movies that are being made. These would be movies among other movies. But you know, I’m almost 60, so yeah. No, I’m not that excited about them.”

Samuel L. Jackson and Simu Liu spoke out against the criticism

Simu Liu at the 19th Annual Asian American Awards

In response to Scorsese’s and Tarantino’s comments about Marvel movies, Hollywood stars such as Samuel L. Jackson and Simu Liu spoke out.

Liu, who starred in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, said on Twitter that directors like Tarantino and Scorsese wouldn’t have let him star in the $400 million-plus film.

He also said that the duo “can’t turn their noses at me or anyone”, although he respects their achievements in the film industry.

Samuel L. Jackson

On the other hand, Jackson noted that the acting skills of the Marvel actors is what really draws the crowds to the theaters.

In an interview with “The View,” he said: “It takes an actor to be those characters, and has the sign of movie stardom always been asses in the seats? What are we talking about?”

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