Kourtney Kardashian slammed for stealing from the black community

Kourtney Kardashian is accused of cheating on a member of the black community!

The reality TV star needs no introduction as a member of the famous Karjenner family. Like her sisters, the Los Angeles native is constantly feeding the paparazzi with news ranging from her relationship drama to her affluent lifestyle.

However, the fact that the public likes it does not mean that the media personality is beyond reproach. The eldest Kardashian sibling recently faced copyright charges over her new women’s wellness business.

Is the rich socialite a thief? Read on to find out!

Rolling Ray claims Kourtney Kardashian stole her iconic ‘Purrr’ catchphrase

Kourtney Kardashian

The “Kardashian Confidential” co-author joined a growing list of celebrities entering the wellness industry last year. The 43-year-old launched a vitamin supplement brand, Lemme, through which she released a variety of health-based products.

In February, the entertainer released a new line of wellness gummies called Purr. The medicine focused on promoting vaginal health. However, the product caught the attention of rapper Rolling Raywho couldn’t believe his eyes.

Fans of the social media influencer know that the artist has popularized “Purrr,” a catchphrase he often uses in his music and viral video content. The ‘Bobby I Love You, Purrr’ star was not happy that her work was being used without credit and angrily called out Kardashian. it beeps.

According to the digital creator, he was tired of being ripped off by other celebrities. “I actually like you @kourtneykardash! And now you want to take me out of the black community again…” lamented Rolling Ray. “You know where the name came from… this is too much… we’ve never heard a purr in our lives…”

Following his message, fans flooded Twitter to show their support for the ‘BigPurrrr’ artist. Several noted that she popularized the catchphrase and advised her to protect it, while others called the Kardashians thieves.

A disgruntled individual angrily written in pen, “The whole family will be stealing from other cultures for the rest of their lives, especially now that most of them have children with black men.”

Rolling Ray slams Kourtney Kardashian for stealing from the black community

This person claimed that the Karjenner family has been stealing from the black community since childhood and noted that they should be removed from all forms of media. Another fan in comparison the situation to Rolling Ray’s beef with Doja Cat.

“Fren, after what happened to Doja, you should have trademarked everything you said, because it’s ridiculous!” – said the rapper’s admirer, causing the artist to tell about his gloomy meeting with the female singer.

For those who didn’t know, the “Woman” singer wore the trademark “It’s Giving” in 2022. Rolling Ray popularized this phrase in a viral. Youtube video of him downing Popeye’s chicken sandwich. After calling out Doja on Twitter, apparently the Grammy winner they fixed the problem in their DM.

However, the rapper revealed in his response to the fan that the presenter never fulfilled his promises. In his belt it beeps, the media personality noted that he did not drag out the fight with Doja because he claimed his team would pay him to trademark his catchphrase.

Despite her kind words, the singer did nothing for months. The fan, shocked by the revelation, assured Rolling to Ray that Doja and Kardashian are not undermining his success.

Rolling Ray is a rapper and social media personality

“Yes, he and his team played in your face,” wrote his admirer. “But that’s okay because no matter what, you will succeed!”

Everything about the Poosh founder’s vaginal wellness gummies

Although Kourtney has yet to respond to the allegations, it has been reported that the Poosh founder has released Purr, a vaginal wellness product.last month is the head of Valentine’s Day. According to the health brand’s website, the gummies are “developed using clinically tested probiotics to support taste, smell and freshness.”

Additionally, the product listed “pineapple extract for added sweetness” and vitamin C. In the promotion comment, the mother-of-three donned a yellow dress as she lay on the floor as several cats circled the entertainer.

In the caption, the 43-year-old raved about the benefits of her product, referring to the slogan “you are what you eat.” Although the socialite claimed that Purr enhanced the freshness with added sweetness, medical experts begged to differ. USA Today.

Dr. Mare Mbaye, a New York-based OB/GYN, revealed that Kardashian’s gummies have raised several questions. Since the vagina is a self-cleansing organ, it rarely needs extra boost, and using Purr can cause vaginal problems.

Mbaye explained that there is little evidence to support the claimed effects of probiotics in the average healthy person. Additionally, gum can react to those with sensitive systems and “make them more prone to infections or other side effects.”

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