Kokomo City star Koko Da Doll has died at the age of 35

Koko Da Doll was “the latest victim of violence against black transgender women,” director D. Smith said in a statement.

“Kokomo City” star Koko Da Doll, 35, was shot and killed.

Koko, aka Rasheeda Williams, was a black transgender worker whose story was chronicled in the 2023 Sundance documentary directed by Grammy-nominated D. Smith. He was found with a gunshot wound in southwest Atlanta on April 18 and pronounced dead at the scene.

“Rasheeda Williams was shot and killed in Atlanta Tuesday night. Rasheeda, aka Koko Da Doll, was the latest victim of violence against black transgender women,” Smith said. Species). “I created Kokomo City because I wanted to show the fun, humanized, natural side of black trans women. I wanted to make images that didn’t show the trauma or statistics of trans lives being taken. I wanted to create something fresh and inspiring. I did. We did it! But here we are again.”

Smith continued: “It’s extremely difficult to process Koko’s death, but now more than ever as a team we are encouraged to inspire the world with her story. To show how beautiful and full of life she is. It will inspire generations to come and will never be forgotten.”

“Kokomo City” follows four black trans sex workers living in Atlanta and New York as they confront the dichotomy between the black community and themselves and the constant threat of violence they face every day, according to the official synopsis. The documentary debuted at Sundance in January and is executive produced by Lena Waithe. The film has been acquired by Magnolia Pictures and will hit theaters in late 2023.

The Sundance Film Festival paid tribute to Williams on social media, writing: “We are saddened to learn of the passing of Rasheeda Williams aka Koko Da Doll. We are honored to be at the festival this year with “Kokomo City” where she reminded black trans women, “We can do anything, we can be whoever we want to be”. A tragic loss.”

The Atlanta Police Department said in a statement that “they are investigating three violent crimes involving transgender women this year. While these individual incidents are unrelated, we are acutely aware of the epidemic of violence against black and brown transgender women in America.”

Williams’ “Kokomo City” co-star Daniella Carter wrote a caption Instagram video to remember Williams.

“I never thought I’d lose you, but here I stand alone without you by my side,” Carter wrote. “We’re sisters for life, which we promised, but now you’re gone, I don’t know what to do without you.” I’m going crazy, trying to hold on to stay strong, but I just don’t feel right, I’m waiting here with open arms, tears streaming down my face, ready for you to come back, even if you have to. forever my sister. I’m really going to miss you sister.”

Co-star Dominique Silver he added, “Sister, you are gone but never forgotten! Now I’m struggling to grasp the fact that we just talked and now you’re not here by my side! We give you justice and please protect black trans women at all costs!”

“Kokomo City” star Liyah Mitchell also shared, “I’m still in disbelief. you deserved more. I’m sorry you were born into a hateful world that doesn’t understand you. #Justice4Koko.”

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