Kim Kardashian is dating mystery man who ‘fits her standards’

Kim Kardashian’s single phase is over, because she has a new man in her life!

The reality TV star needs no introduction considering she is one of the most powerful women in the world. The 42-year-old girl, who is easily recognized for her sensual figure and ageless charm, is a performer who arouses the interest of the audience.

After her unexpected romance with Pete Davidson ended, the mother-of-four kept a low profile on the dating scene. However, a mystery man seems to have swept the Californian beauty off her feet when she gushed about him recently.

Kim Kardashian says she wants to ‘hide’ with new lover after Pete Davidson’s fiasco

The 42-year-old opened up about her love life in the latest episode of the TV personality’s Hulu series, “The Kardashians.” ThThe SKIMS founder complained to her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick about dating challenges.

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During the episode, the high-spirited pair hit up lunch and enjoyed a heart-to-heart as the “Flip It Like Disick” star wondered why the billionaire entrepreneur stopped dating romantically.

Whining about the difficulties of being intimate, the socialite replied: “Well, it’s only hard because what are first dates like? You can’t go out behind the doors. This is awkward.”

The KKW Beauty founder said that as a public figure, she had to be careful in the early stages of a romance because she would face the kind of scrutiny she would get if the relationship didn’t work out. In the words of the co-author of “Babaház”:

“Here’s the thing, when you’re seen with someone, if it doesn’t start to work out, you almost have to try to make it work a little bit longer because you’re so embarrassed that it went so fast.”

During the episode’s confessional, the CFDA Influencer Award winner recalled the issues that arose during her relationship with the former “SNL” star. Kardashian noted that her run-in with Davidson wasn’t as serious as people are making it out to be.

Contrary to the world’s beliefs, the mother of four emphasized that she just wants to have fun. Not to make the same mistake again, the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ alum insisted on keeping her new man out of the spotlight.

“I just want to sneak away for a bit. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to sneak in,” the Glamor winner admitted, before revealing that she did just that with the man nicknamed Disick.

Sharing their story, the California native said she met her mystery man through mutual friends who were dating. Surprisingly, the venue was an undisclosed New York club where the media personality used to have “secret dinners” with her ex-boyfriend.

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“It’s kind of like my place because there’s a private room downstairs, but then on the Internet it looked like, ‘Kim is reconnecting with Pete at this place,'” the 42-year-old said of the unnamed restaurant. As for the new man, Fred seemed to score some good points as the ‘Disaster Movie’ actress claimed she fit the bill.

– In line with the regulations? Disick asked about their lunch date, to which the KKW Fragrance founder replied, “Oh, so it meets the standards.” Later in her testimony, Kardashian was caught smiling while texting her partner.

When a member of the crew teased the socialite about staying single for a few years, the host seemingly dismissed her blossoming interest in Fred, saying: “No, I’ll be, I’ll be!”

The former Mrs. West rattled off a long list of qualities she wanted in a man

Weeks before announcing her relationship with her mystery beau, the ‘Deep Down’ star shared the qualities she wanted in her next partner. In a trailer for his Hulu series. She dropped the bombshell revelation on Instagram and videos captured the fun girls’ night out.

Surrounded by her friends, the voluptuous queen pulled out her phone to read off the long list of features she had written down. “Number one, protect me. Second, fight for me. The third is good hygiene. I mean, that’s a given. I should take that off too,” chimed the billionaire mogul.

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The long list stated that the man should have “no problems with mother or father” and that his personality should be “calm, patient and supportive.” The California native’s potential partner should also be “successful” and have “good teeth.”

Gushing about the importance of her man’s dental hygiene, the People’s Choice Award winner emphasized in her confessional speech that she is attracted to good teeth. “My teeth are like one of my biggest gripes. The straighter I get, the hornier I get. Just kidding, I wasn’t kidding,” Kardashian joked.

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