Kim Kardashian has filed a restraining order against the ‘Stalker’ who gave her a ring

Kim Kardashian seeks protection from an obsessed fan who she says sent her creepy packages that included an expensive diamond ring.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” The star claims she is suffering extreme emotional distress after a man continues to contact her believing she is married to the media mogul. Kardashian claims the person, who we chose not to name, repeatedly tried to get into her home and sent her packages.

Shockingly, Kim says the person looks rich after sending him some expensive items.

Kim Kardashian has been granted a restraining order against the man who sent her the engagement ring

Kim Kardashian has filed a restraining order against the obsessed fan who

“I never gave him my address and I never asked him to send me these packages. These packages contain a variety of items, including a diamond engagement ring and hotel room keys. I am concerned about the extent of his delusion that we are or will be in an intimate relationship, especially since he appears to have spent significant amounts of money purchasing items to send to me,” she wrote.

Kardashian described the engagement ring gift in the documents, saying she received a package containing a diamond ring in a black ring box. The bag also contained a receipt from Kay Jewelers. The second bad thing was an expensive pair of sunglasses.

The KUWTK star revealed the terrifying details in a restraining order filed in Los Angeles County Court.

The ‘KUWTK’ Star Outlines Scary Details About The Alleged Stalker

Kim Kardashian has filed a restraining order against the obsessed fan who

In the filing, Kim writes, “I have been informed that (the person) has made multiple attempts to enter my private residence and believes that he is romantically involved with me. I have never met him or communicated with him either directly or indirectly. I have no personal or romantic relationship with him. I don’t want a personal or romantic relationship (with the man).

He continues: “He has no reason or legitimate purpose for contacting me or coming to my home. I have been informed that he has tried to enter my home several times. Starting from December 26, 2022. I never shared my home address or residence with him. I try to keep my address private and I don’t know how he got my address. I was informed that every time he tried to enter my home, he was denied entry by neighborhood security and my private security.”

According to Kim Kardashian, the obsessed fan is dangerous and can be a weapon

Kim Kardashian has filed a restraining order against the obsessed fan who

“I fear what Mr. Zigler would have done if the security guard was not present to deny entry. I was informed that he refers to me as his “wife” and scored a number of 22’s
hints on social media that we are in a romantic relationship. I also learned that he posted sexually explicit messages about me on social media. It bothers me that he falsely thinks we are romantically involved when in fact we have never communicated,” she wrote.

Finally, Kardashian claims a person is dangerous and contravened the Firearms Act.

Luckily, the judge agreed and granted Kim K a restraining order and ordered the guy to stay 100 meters away from him and his home.

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