Kim K slams ‘Kardashian Curse’ during ‘Soccer Mom’ tour

From beloved reality TV star to soccer star, Kim Kardashian is full of surprises!

The 42-year-old became a household name following the premiere of her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Thanks to E! Network’s hit series The Karjenner Clan is recognized worldwide.

The California native may be the most famous member of her family for her voluptuous figure and successful business ventures. However, the A-lister has had its share of problems, such as being the scapegoat of disgruntled football fans.

Kim Kardashian’s efforts to be a good mother are drawing back fire from soccer fans

Soccer mom Kim Kardashian's PSG tour

The mother recently made headlines after treating her eldest son Saint to a trip to Paris with friends. Tthe mother of four and her little squad traveled abroad to watch Paris Saint Germain play against Rennes on March 19.

The ‘Disaster Movie’ actress, who enjoys celebrity privileges, was spotted on the pitch with her son at the Parc des Princes stadium before the match kicked off. Later, the group moved to the stands and sat in box seats to support the French league leaders.

Unfortunately, the team lost 2-0 at home to Rennes, which was Paris Saint Germain’s first defeat in a long time. PSG previously held the record of 35 consecutive matches without defeat for 715 days.

After the game, fans believed the team lost because of his TV presence. Before jumping into PSG’s stadium, the 42-year-old man made a surprise appearance at the Emirates Stadium in London.

The Choice Social Media Queen nominee and her son cheered on during Arsenal’s Europa League match against Sporting Lisbon. According to sources, the mother of four attended the match while filming the documentary in London.

While Kim and her sons enjoyed their time at the Emirates Stadium, as seen in the plethora of pictures shared, the same cannot be said for the team. Arsenal lost on penalties after a 1-1 draw against Sporting.

Following the team’s defeat, outraged fans blamed Kardashian for Arsenal’s failure. Many have described Karjenner’s presence at the games as a “curse”, referring to the destruction of anyone who came into close contact with her family, especially the men.

With PSG failing in the presenter’s presence, fans took to Twitter to plead with the mum-of-four to stay away from football. “Tell him never to come watch our game again,” pleaded one Arsenal fan.

Another person shouted: ‘The Kardashian curse strikes again. Ban him from the stadium!” While a third wrote: “Kim Kardashian is a curse to football. Arsenal lose to Sporting, now PSG lose to Rennes.”

Despite being the scapegoat of annoyed football fans, the synagogue title didn’t stop the socialite from making the best memories with her son. On Instagram Stories, the sensual goddess shared several moments about their adventures at the PSG match.

In the pictures, Saint and his friends wished football star Neymar a speedy recovery on Facetime, in addition to a special meeting with Kylian Mbappé. The football player was also seen in a video signing autographs for children.

In another clip, children wave at the side of the field to the GOAT of soccer, Lionel Messi, who surprised his little fans by waving back. In addition, Kardashian received a custom PSG jersey with her name on it from Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

In the finale, the 42-year-old received a group hug from Saint and friends. “We can safely say that the boys loved our soccer trip! Soccer moms for the win!!” wrote the entertainer under the sweet picture.

The Choice Female Hottie nominee revealed her astonishing racing car skills

Soccer mom Kim Kardashian's PSG tour

The SKIMS founder’s soccer mom tour comes days after she stunned her huge following with her never-ending surprises. Recently, the serial entrepreneur shared a throwback photo of the 1992 Malibu Grand Prix race license.

The vintage image captured Kim as a teenager, rocking a full face of makeup with red matte lips and dark brows. The fashion icon gave off a bad girl vibe with her raven black hair and various chokers around her neck.

On the identification card was the approval of the license holder to compete in the Malibu Grand Prix Mini-Varage Cars. She didn’t reveal any more details about this result, with the beauty mogul captioning the snap as “cool.”

Soccer mom Kim Kardashian's PSG tour

The post received more than 500,000 likes from fans and many comments, with many in disbelief at the California native’s racing story. Several called Kardashian mean, while others begged her to return to the racing car scene.

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