Kieran Culkin wanted to cry over Sarah Snook’s ‘succession’ revelation

“I said, ‘Why the hell are you saying that?'” Culkin recalled Snook riffing.

Kieran Culkin was a sad slime puppy before the final season of ‘Succession’.

The actor revealed that co-star Sarah Snook “wanted to cry” after sharing the revelation about the inevitable end of the hit HBO series.

“Hey Kieran, you’re going to love this,” Snook told Culkin during the 2022 Emmy Awards. Noble. “If we end this show, you and I will never work together again.”

The comment came from co-star Nicholas Braun, who expressed doubts that any of the “Succession” cast members would be cast in a future project, as everyone would think of them as related.

Culkin said: “I said, ‘Why the hell are you saying that? Shit, I want to cry.’”

Snook added, “He hit it a lot harder than I thought he would.”

“Succession” creator Jesse Armstrong announced in February that the fourth season would be the last. However, cast members were kept in the dark until the final days of production, with Snook sharing that she didn’t even know it was the final season until she read her now-famous series finale chart.

“I was really nervous,” Snook said. “I felt a huge sense of loss, disappointment and sadness. It would have been nice to know at the beginning of the season, but I also understand that they wouldn’t tell us until the end because there was still the possibility that it might not be the end.”

Culkin echoed in an Esquire cover story that he “laughed” at Armstrong’s ambiguity.

“Damn it, man.” Is this the end or not? Stop telling me you don’t want to be with me, you still love me,” Culkin joked, before adding onscreen patriarch Brian Cox: “I think Brian had mixed feelings about it too. Rather, he said, “Well, good, we did it.” But I bet if he said, “Would you like a fifth?” he would.”

Culkin concluded his own take on the series ending: “I haven’t had a single fucking moment to think about how I feel about it. All I know is that I feel a little down. It’s hard to accept somehow. What are the stages of grief? I don’t know which one I’m in right now. Maybe depression or denial. Maybe a little bit of both.”

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