Kevin Spacey Takes Victory Lap To London After NOT GUILTY Verdict

Kevin Spacey was literally “humbled” on Wednesday after the jury found him not guilty of carrying out multiple sexual assaults on four men between 2004 and 2013.

The London court deliberated for twelve hours and 26 minutes before acquitting him by a majority on all nine charges brought against him. After the verdict, it was a no-brainer for Spacey, who turned 64, to take his once-in-a-lifetime victory to an excellent spot and celebrate with friends. And he did just that.

Kevin Spacey Celebrated Acquittal At London Club

The Hollywood star is free from all sexual assault charges, and he was out celebrating the pardon and birthday with buddies at the Groucho Club in London, private members spot in Soho on Wednesday night.

The “Baby Driver” actor had drinks with his friends. “He looked very proud,” one eyewitness shared, adding that Spacey sat “by the entrance for everyone to see,” per Page Six

Another onlooker adds that the 64-year-old was with about seven companions. “He spent the evening nursing a whiskey,” the spy told the outlet before adding, “They didn’t sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ but everyone seemed in good spirits.”

Kevin Spacey declared not guilty on 64th birthday

Outside the courtroom, the “House of Cards” actor thanked his friends for sticking by him after the trial ended. Notably, he appreciated his long-time pal and manager Evan Lowenstein, who was there at the Groucho with him.

When the actor left the club around midnight, he was spotted wearing a casual sweater and pants in the rain, shielding himself with an umbrella. Spacey’s backpack sported a “be kind” button, and he was in far better spirits than when he broke into tears outside Southwark Crown Court earlier in the day.

Speaking of what went down after the jury panel acquitted him of all seven counts of sexual assault— and two molestation charges, The Blast reported Spacey cried in the dock. The teary-eyed “Beyond the Sea” actor embraced his manager and legal team and thanked the court staff for everything they had done.

During the trial and even before that, the accused actor had been shunned by Hollywood since his case was under the umbrella of the MeToo movement. Most of his ongoing shows and film roles were rescinded, and he quickly became persona non grata.

Meanwhile, Spacey always upheld his innocence, denying all sexual abuse and molestation charges, and now, the court of law has cleared his name. His defense team claimed it was done because of fame, hinting at a shakedown scam.

The “Pay It Forward” actor also stated to the press that he has much to process after what has happened today. He mentioned being enormously grateful to the jury and added, “I am humbled by the outcome today.”

Spacey Threws Jabs At His Accusers, Brands Their Cases ‘Weak’

Kevin Spacey in Court for Sex Offences Trial

When the “Horrible Bosses” actor’s sexual assault trial was in its third week at the Southwark Crown Court in the U.K, he took the stand to plead his case in an attempt to clear his name. He also had something to say about the prosecution’s case.

ICYMI, one accuser claimed Spacey grabbed his crotch “like a cobra” after meeting him at a West End theater in the mid-2000s and followed up with an alleged “barrage of vile comments.”

However, when the BAFTA winner took the witness stand on the second day of his defense, he called the complainant’s accusations against him to question, adding that they were false. 

He said the accuser “made up his entire story from beginning to end” and tagged the prosecution’s case “weak.” While on the stand, the “Se7en” actor said, “I do not accept a single word that comes out of his mouth.” 

When the lawyer for the prosecution, Christina Agnew KC, asked why the accuser would lie, he replied, “Money, money and then money,” adding: “And I also believe he has, for whatever reason, anger towards me.”

“I mean, maybe I wasn’t as lovely to him as he would have hoped if we met that day, and maybe he was upset about other things concerning my sexuality,” Kevin Spacey explained.

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