Kevin Spacey compared to the alleged victim’s ‘Se7en’ character

Kevin Spacey finds himself facing alarming comparisons to his on-screen persona.

In a chilling testimony, his alleged victim compared the famous actor to his character in the 1995 film “Se7en.” Although the 63-year-old has denied all allegations, the man’s testimony is the latest in a series of claims against Spacey, who has been accused by several men of sexual harassment.

Kevin Spacey’s ‘Se7en’ character comes to life in a British court

The film released in 1995 remains one of David Fincher’s most successful films. It features a gripping plot where a pair of detectives played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman hunt a sadistic killer who commits murder based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

The TV personality played the chilling role of the killer in the film, and interestingly, one of the alleged victims drew comparisons between Spacey and his character in the film.

In accordance with British law, the identity of the alleged victim remains undisclosed. However, in a detailed testimony Marca reported that he recounted the alleged shocking abuse suffered by the most powerful figure in the film industry at the time.

Kevin Spacey

Shockingly, he revealed the inappropriate touching happened “more than a dozen times”. The jury reviewed significant evidence – a videotaped statement in which the alleged victim detailed the disturbing encounters.

She described the touch as targeting her “inner thighs and genitalia”, “stroking her bottom” and being forced to reciprocate. Drawing a chilling parallel, the “Working Girl” actor’s accuser noted: “It was a bit like his character in The Seven. It’s a bit sinister. Maybe it’s not so bad.”

He took my hand and placed it on his own. I used to say to him: ‘You are a strange person.’ He would laugh at it, find it funny and not be ashamed of it,” he continued.

The man also revealed chilling details about his last meeting with the award-winning star. The alleged incident happened at a gala in London when Spacey was agitated by the cameras.

Narrating the distressing incident, the accuser said: “He hit my inner thigh with his hand and then moved upwards. It made a real noise, it basically hit me.” When questioned at the police about the delay in reporting, he claimed he was ashamed, which had kept him from coming forward earlier.

These revelations further aggravate the ongoing trial in the UK, which has been adjourned 48 hours after the trial was originally scheduled to take place. The singer was charged with 12 counts of sexual harassment involving four men between 2001 and 2013.

In a report from The Blastthe film producer went to Southwark Crown Court in London, but it turned out that the trial was delayed. During the court appearance, Judge Mark Wall was reportedly informed that Spacey’s defense attorney, Patrick Gibbs, was busy with another case, which will conclude Thursday.

Kevin Spacey at the Old Bailey on charges of sexual offences

As a result, the start date of the trial was moved to Friday, and the presentation of evidence is expected to begin on Monday. Due to the planned duration of the trial exceeding four weeks, alternate jurors will be called in to conduct the extended proceedings.

‘Superman Returns’ star lands movie role after US trial win

After being accused of sexual harassment by actor Anthony Rapp and eventually winning the case, Spacey landed his first film role. Although just an instrument in an upcoming British indie thriller, the role is a major step forward for the Oscar-winning star.

After a trial, the “Pay It Forward” actor was acquitted by a jury of intimate misconduct charges against Rapp. The Star Trek: Discovery actor is seeking $40 million in damages over an alleged incident that occurred when he was 14 years old.

However, Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed the case because the prosecution did not provide enough evidence to support any inappropriate touching by Spacey.

Undeterred by the legal case surrounding the musician, director Gene Fallaize revealed that he had him in mind for the script for “Control” as he had been a longtime fan of Spacey’s since childhood.

Fallaize admitted that they took into account the controversy surrounding the “Mind Games” singer. However, he expressed his admiration, stating, “He’s one of the greatest actors of our generation. Aside from his personal life, which is something I can’t comment on and don’t know about, it’s an opportunity to work with one of the greats of acting.”

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