Kevin Costner’s Wife Hit Where It Hurts! Goodbye, free flowing cash

Only when you think about it Costner vs. Costner the combat couldn’t be more confusing the actor and his wife they proved the fans wrong.

Christine Costner, you are cut out!

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Kevin Costner hits Christine Costner where it matters most; in your designer bag! The actor cut off his wife from one of the main sources of income with the credit card.

In addition, he drastically limited the use of another credit card. All of this happens while Christine hangs out at the family’s $145 million home. Until recently, he refused to leave.

This is contrary to the ironclad prenuptial agreement that Christine signed before marrying the world-famous actor. Supposedly, if Christine had just moved out, she wouldn’t have gone this far.

Christine Costner is finally moving out

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The mother of three really stood her ground for a minute when she refused to leave home. He supposedly felt that he deserved more than what marriage would end up giving him, and this was his solution.

announced Radar Online that Christine, who wanted out of the marriage and filed for divorce, used one of the credit cards in question, according to her attorney, John R. Rydell II. You specifically want this attorney because they have been known to do the job before.

You need someone with a bull head to look at the marriage and POSSIBLY change it. According to the sources, the legal document is top notch and offers no room for maneuver.

Christine Costner has zero income

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The housewife claims she relies on Kevin’s income and credit cards. She claims she has “ZERO personal income” as she has been a housewife and stay-at-home mother for the past 18 years.

“I can’t get a lease or pay rent, I can’t prove personal income or personal assets. No landlord will rent to me without these things,” claims Christine. She insists that Kevin promised in an affidavit to maintain the financial “status quo” while the divorce was pending.

“He canceled one of my credit cards and significantly reduced the credit limit on my second credit card, well below the status quo, all without any notice.”

Kevin shared his concern about his money disappearing thanks to Christine, so it’s no surprise that he took this step. Christine allegedly used $95,000 from her personal bank account and a credit card.

Kevin Costner thinks he’s done enough

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Through his attorney, Laura Wasser, Kevin shared that he had already given Christine more than $1 million in a pre-war settlement so she could find her own place to live with the kids. He had 30 days to leave and over a month later and he just decided to leave.

“Christine now has approximately $1,450,000 available to use as she sees fit, including alternative housing,” says Kevin. And that doesn’t include child support. Christine’s latest money request is for a hefty $248,000 in child support for their children, ages 16, 14 and 13. The reason? They are already used to this way of life.

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