Kesha opens up about the inspiration behind her new album, “Gag Order.”

In a recent interview Kesha – opened his latest album:Gag Order,” which reflects on her transformative journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

Kesha revealed that her music aims to empower and uplift people, encouraging them to love themselves and embrace their emotions and vulnerabilities.

The album’s release coincides with her legal battle with her alleged abuser and producer Dr. Luke as they prepare to go to court in July.

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“I always want to empower people

Kesha gets candid about her new album, the
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In an interview atHe US Sun, Kesha has given a captivating glimpse into her latest album, ‘Gag Order’. Produced in collaboration with the legendary Rick Rubin, this emotional record charts Kesha’s transformative journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

During the interview, the pop artist spoke passionately about her desire to empower and uplift people, stating, “I’ve always wanted to empower people, lift them up, and inspire them to love themselves.”

She continued: “I have beautiful moments – I cry with happiness. And on the same day, seven hours later, I can have severe anxiety. It was a disservice not to let people know that my emotions come in and out like the tides of the ocean.”

Kesha says, “The best song is a prayer

Kesha at the Studio 666 premiere in Los Angeles

He is famous for his party anthems, some of which include the 2009 hits ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Take It Off’. With her latest album, “Gag Order,” Kesha aims to expose her own vulnerable side to inspire listeners. own emotions and find strength in their vulnerability.

While chatting with him Mi SunKesha revealed that working with acclaimed producer Rubin was key to shaping her approach to her fifth studio album. “Rick told me the best song is a prayer. And that stuck with me – that’s how I look at my music,” explained the two-time Grammy Award nominee.

“It is none of my business. It’s not just an activity I enjoy. It’s a prayer. And hopefully it can resonate with others and they can relate to it,” he added.

Kesha also revealed that Rubin pushed her to dig deeper and encouraged her to be open and honest. Recalling it, she says: “There were a lot of tears, I’d bring in a song that said the rudest crap in my head, and Rick would tell me to be even less polite.

“So I went hard into my emotions. It was a gift from the universe to have this wonderful, incredible and talented Buddha-like man working with me.”

Reveling in her artistic milestone, Kesha added: “I’m so proud to have made this album. My mom said she’s never been more proud of me and feels this is the album I’ve always wanted to make.”

Kesha is embracing a new chapter in her life

Kesha at The 'Players Party' 2022 co-hosted by Michael Rubin, MLBPA and Fanatics

Reflecting on her journey from rebellious and vocal pop star with a dollar sign to her name to where she is now, Kesha shared that the album’s standout track, “Only Love Can Save Us Now,” with lyrics like “The b*tch” I was , died. His grave was desecrated. Died. Pay him respect. Welcome to the new era,” he says as he embraces the new chapter of his life.

“I feel like aging is such a fabulous thing. When you’re young, you don’t even know how good you are. I spent so much of my 20s tearing myself apart and hating myself and my body. Now I’m so fucking happy that I’m not in that stage of my life anymore. I am very grateful,” sighed the 36-year-old man.

Kesha’s ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke


Kesha’s fifth studio album comes amid a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald.

In 2014, Kesha took a brave step when she filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, accusing him of “mental manipulation and emotional abuse” and alleging that he drugged and raped her. These allegations were denied by Dr. Luke, who sued Kesha for defamation.

In April 2016, Kesha’s case was dismissed, leaving Dr. Luke’s defamation case to be heard in July. During this tumultuous time, Kesha shared that she was silenced, which made it difficult to share her truth and speak openly about her experiences. With the release of his album ‘Gag Order’, the artist is now letting his music tell his story and finally speaking his truth and encouraging others to do the same.

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