Kendall Jenner poses on a boat with nothing but petals on her chest!

Kendall Jenner he was on a yacht with her her breasts seem to stick out and not a care in the world. The scantily clad look turns heads.

Kendal Jenner shirtless

Kendall Jenner Poses With Petals On Her Nipples

The model struck a pose by wearing a dress that made her followers believe she was literally baring her breasts. The bold look was completed with a red scarf and red flower petals covering only her nipples. She wears a screw-on kitten heel.

Jenner’s long black hair is blowing in the wind and the lights of the city are in the background. It sure looks stunning, but who the hell is taking this picture and why is this scene taking place?

Jenner also shared a video of the look, giving fans a closer look at her top, revealing that she was playing us all.

Kendall Jenner’s sheer ploy

As the camera gets closer, the model smiles and moves around a bit, revealing that the top of the dress is actually sheer and is indeed completely covered! The look was tricky, and some who saw the picture were annoyed at Jenner for being so extra.

The reality star was slammed for her stunt and even for wearing the David Koma dress in such a “useless environment” because a yacht is not enough class. “Why is this my only question,” asked another follower.

Some credited the model for looking phenomenal straight off the runway!

Kendall Jenner “Once Upon A Time”

Kendall Jenner runs errands in West Hollywood

The most relevant of the Kardashian/Jenner crew was praised for making the runway look look doable. “You might have eaten this ONE,” one fan wrote. “…okay 🙄 just this once,” agreed another.

“She ate more than the model,” wrote one follower, who compared the model’s runway look to Jenner’s look on the night. Many people said “you have nice tits🤤🤤.” Some tried to identify who was laughing in the background, and many thought it was Bad Bunny.

The model is rumored to be dating the singer, and although he hasn’t admitted it, they’ve been spotted together, out to dinner and out of each other’s homes.

Designer David Koma approves

Kendall Jenner Poses With Petals On Her Nipples

A photo of the model and the designer hit the internet, and Koma seemed thrilled that Jenner was wearing her designs and looking phenomenal doing it. He plants a kiss on her cheek as she smiles for the camera.

Many people were confused about the outfit and wanted to know why Jenner was wearing something like that. “Plagues? Strippers now? others needed an explanation as to why people were so angry that a woman chose to stand up for her own body.

“A girl shows her breasts and suddenly everyone turns into Southern Baptists🤣.” Another follower also wanted to relax. “It looks delicious, it’s okay to show natural beauty.”

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