Kelsea covered Ballerini with a bracelet during the concert

In the wake of increasingly frequent data breaches at concerts, festivals and other entertainment gatherings, Kelsea Ballerini is the latest music star to fall victim to this ignorant behavior by fans, just days behind Bebe Rexha and Ava Max.

An unsavory video capturing the moment the country music superstar was punched in the face on stage has been shared on various online platforms. As the unfortunate events quickly took social media by storm, die-hard fans turned to the event with empathy and understanding.

Fans react to Kelsea Ballerini’s onstage ‘bracelet’ incident

Supporting and opening for Country pop star Kenny Chesney’s ‘I Go Back Tour’. On Wednesday, June 28, a random member of the crowd threw an object at her during her performance of “If You Go Down” at Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise.

Kelsea Ballerini joins a growing list of music stars who have attacked the stage
Instagram | Kelsea Ballerini

Although it is not certain what hit his eye area, many cybernauts believe it was a bracelet. In the clip, after the 29-year-old tourer returned to the stage when he was done checking out, he said:

“Can we talk about what happened? I just want everyone to be safe. If you feel unsafe, please let someone in your area know. If someone is pushing you too much, or if you just have a gut feeling, always let me know. Don’t throw things away. You know?”

The unfortunate incident sparked a reaction on the “If You Go Down (I’m Goin’ Down Too)” artist’s official fan page. A notice was issued about it read, “Guys. I know we all want the best. We all want to show Kelsea our love in the best way we can and shower her with every gift. But throwing things on stage where the artists are already so vulnerable is NOT the move.”

The fan site also encouraged concertgoers to find better alternatives to handing over their belongings without compromising their safety. They wrote: “If you can’t give it to him, there are many other options. Lord, give us! We’ll make sure it gets to you. But PLEASE don’t make him such a danger.” The message ended with the following text:

“I know you all mean well, but this is becoming a safety issue.” We love you guys. We do. But please stop.”

Other like-minded loyalists reacted below the post. “This is why we can’t have nice things anymore…” one user wrote, while another commented: “This is not ok(,) people need to stop bashing artists; Kelsea might be hurt. If you want to give a gift(,) do it after a meeting or at a meeting and say hello.

A third user commented: “People don’t seem to know how to perform at concerts anymore. I hope you are well (sad emoticon). Someone else wrote: “with; these people should be fined/arrested/something. (This) is not acceptable.

Bebe Rexha and Ava had experience before Max Ballerini

Ballerini’s hiccup comes not long after Rexha needed stitches after a fan threw her cell phone at her and Ava Max was slapped by a fan on stage.

Towards the end of her show in New York, Rexha was unexpectedly hit in the face, right under her left eye, by one of the many concertgoers in the crowd with a phone. As that happened, the Grammy-nominated singer supported the group and dropped to one knee, bringing the entire show to a halt.

To express their support, the crowd started chanting his name, and eventually the fans called for decisive action against the perpetrator. “In his place, I would press charges. Take the phone to the police and tell them you were hit with it. Pick up the lock, find the person it belongs to and charge them with assault,” one user wrote.

Another just wished him a speedy recovery, writing: “Well that’s sad. He has been through so much; prayers for him…”

In another situation, while Max was mesmerizing the audience, an unknown man suddenly walked onto the stage to punch him in the face and was quickly escorted off the stage by security personnel.

Although the “Kings & Queens” singer briefly acknowledged the impact before continuing to dance, she later took to Twitter to shed more light on the shocking encounter.

The tenacious artist said: “He slapped me so hard he scratched the inside of my eye. Never coming to a show again 😡😡Thanks to the fans for being spectacular tonight in LA!!❤️”

Immediately afterwards, one loyalist confirmed Max’s status as a ‘real pop star’ and expressed regret that the night ended on a sour note. Meanwhile, another added: “You deserve so much better❤️ We love you.”

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