Kelly Osbourne shares rare photo of baby Sidney with her uncle

English television personality Kelly Osbourne shared a never-before-seen photo of his son hanging out with his brother Jack.

Kelly welcomed her child with boyfriend Sid Wilson in secret, but refused to share photos of him and even put her mother in the shade for revealing she had given birth to a boy.

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Kelly Osbourne shares a photo of her son

Kelly recently got him Instagram to share a rare photo of her son Sidney spending time with his uncle Jack Osbourne.

She captioned the photo of her son and Jack with a quote from Irene Banks: “Uncle is a blessing. It means so much. Words could never describe the joy an uncle brings. Uncle is a bond of faith that not even time can break, a gift that speaks to the lives of all of us. An uncle is forever.”

In the photo, Kelly playfully poses next to her brother Jack, who just smiled and pointed to baby Sidney. The photo only shows her son’s head, as she has yet to share a full, well-visible image of his face.

The fans tricked the Happy Trio

Kelly Osbourne

Many fans of “The Osbournes” couldn’t contain their joy as they took to social media to share their reactions when they saw baby Kelly, Jack and Sidney.

One fan wrote: “Both of them are a far cry from the show they used to do. They look great.” Another fan commented: “I absolutely love seeing you and Jack and how amazing and grown up you are. You two are more amazing than you know.”

“You guys are so funny. You know we can’t wait to see the baby but his little precious head is so adorable,” another person shared.

One fan mentioned Sydney’s rock star grandfather Ozzy Osbourne, saying: “The only thing better than having Jack as your uncle is having Ozzy as your grandfather. What a lucky child.”

Another person spoke about the star’s refusal to reveal his face, writing: ‘It doesn’t show his face and I really can’t blame you but from what I can see he’s a handsome little guy. Congratulations Kelly.”

Kelly Osbourne returns to work after giving birth

The former “Fashion Police” host, who was seemingly inactive on social media before becoming a mother, recently revealed that she has returned to work after giving birth.

She posted a picture of herself and her makeup artist, Kip Zachary, sticking their tongues out at her. Instagram page and signed it: “I have a newfound respect for working mothers.”

She then revealed that she had just gotten a job since Sidney was born.

“I took on my first job since the baby was born. One of the hardest things was having to leave him this morning,” he said, possibly of an upcoming project. Kelly added: “This day can’t go by fast enough for me. I can’t wait to be in my arms again.”

Sharon Osbourne hits on her granddaughter

Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne couldn’t hide her happiness over the birth of her grandchild as she praised her daughter Kelly for it.

During an appearance on ‘The Talk UK’ in January, the former ‘X Factor’ judge opened up about her role as a grandmother and revealed that she has already started changing diapers to help new parents.

“They are doing very well. It’s so great,” Sharon, 70, said on the show, before sharing that Kelly “won’t let her out of it.” “I’m so proud of him,” he added.

Kelly, for her part, didn’t take her mother lightly for speaking out about her son on national TV, as she took to Instagram to express her frustration.

“I’m not ready to share him with the world,” she wrote. “It’s no one’s place but mine to share any information about my baby.”

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