Kelly Clarkson Texts Ex Brandon Blackstock About Divorce Album

Kelly Clarkson has warned her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock ahead of her post-divorce album ‘Chemistry’. The Texas sensation’s tenth studio project chronicles the highs and lows of his relationship with the talent manager.

The powerful singer rose to fame as the winner of the first season of “American Idol.” After participating in the music competition, the 41-year-old girl took a well-deserved place in the halls of greatness with her uplifting songs.

Thanks to her career, the blonde beauty met her ex-husband and welcomed two children with him. However, the duo’s marriage ended after seven years in 2020, a split that inspired the Grammy-winning album.

Speaking about the breakup tracks, the hitmaker revealed that he communicated with his ex before he dropped the bombshell songs. Keep scrolling for more information!

Kelly Clarkson has revealed the message she sent Brandon Blackstock ahead of her album release

Kelly Clarkson's ex-husband is accusing the Talk Show host of possibly spying on her

The “Since U Been Gone” singer got candid about her new album when she recently released “TODAY show with hosts Carson Daly and Hoda Kotb. During their heart-to-heart, the AMA winner was asked about her thoughts on Blackstock’s reaction to the “chemistry.”

Kotb, who described the post-divorce album as “amazing,” asked if the Texas native had thought about her ex-husband listening to the songs. “No. I don’t know if you’d care anyway. I don’t know,” Clarkson replied, laughing off the subtle burn before revealing that the ex-spouses had been talking about clues.

“We had a little text exchange about it,” the 41-year-old admitted, noting that she contacted the media personality. According to the mother-of-two, she assured Blackstock that the “chemistry” wasn’t just showing the negative side of their marriage, it captured the whole story.

“I don’t even remember why or how it happened, but I said, ‘Hey, I didn’t cut us down just one… You know what I’m saying? Everything is included, like the trip. Beauty is also in it. There’s a lot of pain right now, but it happens, you know, to all of us.”

The singer’s tenth studio album was an emotional rollercoaster filled with the perspective of her marriage to Blackstock. As the blonde beauty promised when she revealed that “the chemistry” was on, the project also showed the “good, the bad and the ugly” parts of her relationship.

However, the album review Six pages, noted, the Underneath the Tree singer focused more on her ex-husband’s unflattering side. In most issues, the talent manager was portrayed as a “sunshine-stealing, secret-hiding partner” who took every bit of Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson's post-divorce album

In the album’s emotional opener, “Skip This Part,” the three-time MTV VMA honoree explained that she wanted to keep the split a secret. However, after details of the divorce proceedings made waves, the 41-year-old was forced to deal with the situation.

On “Mine” and “Me,” the Texas native got brutally honest, admitting he can’t believe he stayed with Blackstock for seven years. She also highlighted her ex-husband’s “secrets” and “insecurities.”

The shocking truths continued on ‘Rock Hudson’, where the mother-of-two admitted she was mesmerized by her former lover’s charms until she realized the only ‘hero’ she needed was himself. Clarkson gave similar sentiments in the film Red Flag Collector.

The powerful song captured the blonde beauty calling out her ex for allegedly targeting her wealth during their divorce proceedings. “Sure, you can have the towels / You can take my money,” reads the lyrics. “Draw my name around town / I don’t mind, I changed it anyway.”

The Billboard chart-topper has revealed why he named his post-divorce album ‘Chemistry’

Weeks ahead of her album’s release, the ‘UglyDolls’ voice actress revealed what inspired the name. for his tenth studio project. During an appearance on “TalkShopLive” with Nancy O’Dell, the host revealed that her ex-husband was the muse behind the title.

Kelly Clarkson and ex-husband Brandon Blackstock with their blended family

According to the “Stronger” singer, she chose “Chemistry” because of its unique connection to Blackstock. “I never really connected before my ex-husband. And I’ve never connected with anyone like that. I’ve never felt like that,” admitted the 41-year-old man.

“That kind of chemical… that level of chemical reaction, I’ve just never felt that, and I just remember when we first met, I was like, ‘Wow. I just felt something,” the Texas native continued, before reflecting on how bad the chemistry could be.

Apparently referring to her ex-husband, the Daytime Emmy winner stated that chemistry can be problematic when people fall for someone they “really shouldn’t be with.” In the words of the media personality: “It doesn’t matter if a person is good or bad. It’s just not a healthy environment.”

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