Kelly Clarkson revealed her daughter, 8, struggles with bullies, drowns

Kelly Clarkson expresses heartache as a mother, she knows that her daughter is being bullied at school because of her disability.

Kelly Clarkson Tears Up On The Show

Kelly Clarkson accepts her Good Friend Award at the 2020 Hollywood Beauty Awards in Hollywood CA

The bold-voiced singer shared on her daytime talk show: The Kelly Clarkson Show, that her 8-year-old daughter River Rose is having a hard time at school. He is bullied by his peers because he has dyslexia.

His guest, Henry Winkler, was there to listen to him share his story; he also struggles with dyslexia. “I was driving my daughter to school yesterday and she’s dyslexic,” Clarkson began. “You told me you’re also dyslexic – I think it’s amazing to be able to tell my daughter that you’ve written 40 or so books and you’re dyslexic,” she says reverently.

Clarkson subsequently revealed it River is ‘increasingly bullied’ for his battle with a learning disability. The proud mom had to stop and reach for a Kleenex to hold back the tears. The children in his class noticed that he “can’t read” at the same rate.


Henry Winkler sent a message to River Rose

Kristin Chenoweth in The Kelly Clarkson Show apos

The mother of two tried to boost her daughter’s confidence by sharing that she is not the only one who struggles with dyslexia. A number of notables such as Anthony Mackie and Zachary Levi also deal with it on a daily basis.

“It gave her strength to be so open about it,” she said of the effect the knowledge had on her daughter. Winkler welcomed River into the “dyslexia club” with open arms. “Member of the tribe,” he brags.

The actor looked straight into the camera and gave River more encouragement. “River! Learning has nothing to do with how brilliant you are.” Yes, exactly! Clarkson couldn’t agree more, and the tears streaming down her face showed it.

She says she “didn’t know how common” dyslexia was in minors. To lighten the mood, Clarkson joked, “My makeup artist is going to kill me.”

Kelly Clarkson’s children come first in her life

Kelly Clarkson and her kids

After seven years of marriage, the singer split from her ex-husband and former manager, Brandon Blackstock. Although she shared that the situation is rough, she is happy to put it behind her to show her children a new normal.

She and Blackstock took their kids on vacation right after the divorce. Besides River, they have a son together, seven-year-old Remington Alexander. “It’s been a tough year, so I had to shut it down for a minute. The children were with their father and me,” he said on the show Today’s show after returning from a family trip.

Kelly Clarkson and ex-husband Brandon Blackstock with their blended family

“It was good because they usually have to travel a lot because of our separation,” he admits. “So we were both in Montana, so that was the first time I think my kids were more focused.” The episode was fun, with Clarkson shedding a few more happy tears before the end of the episode with Winkler.

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