Keke Palmer shares fun facts about Manifesting Son

Keke Palmer is loving every moment of motherhood and fans can’t get enough of her!

You may recall that the high-profile actress welcomed her son Leodis Andrellton Jackson with partner Darius Jackson in February. Since then, she hasn’t shied away from parenting on social media.

Most recently, she did it in honor of April Fools’ Day, revealing an exciting detail about the birth of her baby boy and how much she loves spending quality time with him.

Keke Palmer entertains fans with a hilarious post about baby Leodis’ appearance

Exactly one year ago, Palmer joked that she was with child when she wasn’t, but as it turned out, she later became pregnant in 2022 when she introduced her baby boy Leodis.

Keke Palmer attends the Michael Kors Collection Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show

He recently shared this information with his followers Instagram using a fun clip of you with your little one. The 29-year-old was seen holding Leodis and moving to the music playing in the background. Although she looked amused on display, her child on her chest didn’t look like she was at her best.

Palmer zoomed in on the pair’s faces a few times, emphasizing Leodis’ frustrated expression, and showed him touching her face. The heartwarming reel was filmed in a bedroom, where the Emmy winner wore her bespectacled braided hair in a high bun.

He wrote in the caption: “And to think! I “joked” about being pregnant last April fools… we announced you little buddy! I love hanging out with you and you just look like a caveman. Palmer added a few emojis, including laughter, loving eyes and kisses, before concluding: “I’ve had enough.”

The update received close to three million views and thousands of likes and comments from adoring fans. One fan joked: “Looks like someone else put it on” because my mom worries me – @keke side view.

Another fan gushed: ‘Awww keke my heart’, while a third commented: ‘Li’l man is finding out what he’s waiting for outside the womb in real time – so happy for you.’ “The baby’s gonna wake up one day and find out Keke Palmer is his mom,” joked one commenter, before gushing about the cuteness of the fifth Leodis.

They wrote: “So adorable!! It looked like somebody, please call grandma because she’s tripping!!” A sixth fan said: “Lmaoooo just wanna know what’s going on.” Palmer’s sweet post follows another steamy episode on the motherhood gram, calling it “the biggest gig ever.”

A couple of faint photos dropped by fouting with his son, who spent some bonding time with his mother. In the caption, he revealed that he took the baby for a walk and shared news about his parenting journey. In his words:

“Mama is coming if you’re looking for an update. I’ve juggled quite a few careers, but this is my biggest gig yet.”

The “Madea’s Family Reunion” actress explained that she was “learning how to balance it all” and was looking forward to discovering the new person she is becoming. She also stated that she will never be the same, and as for the haters who thought she was a lousy mom, they couldn’t fathom that “my son gave my life more purpose!”

‘Ragged’ actress slams mum-Shamer for criticizing son’s name 48 hours after birth

Palmer has had a blissful journey being a mother so far, but she once had a disturbing experience with a mother-shamer who judged her for choosing a name for her son 48 hours after his birth.

Like The Blast announced Lendis’ arrival via social media on Monday, February 27, with a detailed caption highlighting his full name and noting that he was born during Black History Month.

Keke Palmer

Of course, he received many congratulatory comments from fans around the world. However, some haters wasted no time throwing shade.

One such critic noted, “That name sounds like he led a civil rights march.” The “Winx Club” star didn’t hold back, declaring, “I’ll give it a go, I marched with Martin (Luther King Jr.}, purrs).”

Palmer’s birth comes after she addressed speculation about her pregnancy last December, confirming the rumors during her “SNL” opening monologue.

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