Keke Palmer Gets Candid About ‘Difficult’ Breastfeeding Journey

Keke Palmer recently opened up about the challenges of motherhood, particularly breastfeeding. Despite difficulties, her journey was fueled by her bond with her son Leodis “Leo” Andrellton.

The connection encouraged her to persevere even while pursuing personal goals like attending the Met Gala. Breastfeeding became a source of strength, building her confidence and resolve.

Palmer’s Met Gala ensemble by Sergio Hudson was adjusted due to Leo’s birth, as her body changed daily. Palmer revealed that the designer’s encouragement on the big night made her feel radiant.

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Keke Palmer Opens Up On The Challenges Of Motherhood

Fans Can't Handle It As Keke Palmer's Postpartum Body Continues To Rule
Instagram | Keke Palme

Keke Palmer recently opened up about the trials of motherhood, specifically addressing the challenges she faced with breastfeeding.

In an interview with Essencethe 29-year-old actress discussed how her life has transformed since becoming a mother to Leodis “Leo” Andrellton and the demanding aspect of motherhood that she found “difficult.”

Palmer opened up about her breastfeeding journey, highlighting its empowering nature despite the difficulties she faced.

The actress and singer admitted she contemplated giving up multiple times, stating, “I wanted to give up at so many different points, but I just kept pushing myself and kept trying to figure it out.”

‘The Relationship I Had With My Son Empowered Me’ 

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Instagram | Keke Palmer

During the chat, the “Alice” star openly shared that her baby boy was the driving force behind her determination to persevere amid challenges.

“The relationship I had with my son during that process empowered me to get back up and do things for myself again,” Palmer stated. “In the midst of trying to work out and do things that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do — like going to the Met Gala — I was able to say, ‘You know what, I’m gonna get out there and experience everything again, and I’m still gonna be there for my boy.’”

Palmer revealed that breastfeeding became a powerful motivator for her, and nurturing her child served as a potent incentive. “That kind of resolve built so much confidence and so much strength in me. I just got this overwhelming sense that I can do anything,” she added.

How Keke Palmer’s Son Influenced Her Met Gala Look

Keke Palmer Puts Amazing Postpartum Body On Display To Celebrate First Mother's Day
Instagram | Keke Palmer

Sergio Hudson, the creative mind behind Palmer’s Met Gala ensemble, also shared insights with the publication, revealing Leodis’ birth influenced their preparations for the high fashion event.

Hudson explained, “The challenge was that she had just had a baby. So she was changing by the day.” He recounted taking multiple measurements and adjusting the dress by inches at the final fitting. 

He added, “It was a lot. Her body was ever-changing, is still changing — so it was fun to make her feel confident in that moment.”

Acknowledging the possible insecurities surrounding her postpartum body, Palmer recognized fashion’s potential to be “quite overwhelming.” Nonetheless, she felt radiant and self-assured at the event, describing herself as “the most beautiful woman there.”

Keke Palmer Gets Candid About Her 'Difficult' Breastfeeding Journey: 'I Wanted To Give Up'

The “Nope” actress acknowledged that Hudson’s presence bolstered her spirits, with her comparing him to her supportive mother, Sharon. 

Reflecting on the experience, Palmer found Hudson’s encouragement comforting. 

“He was like, ‘Get out there and talk to these people. You need to work the room. These people need to see how good you look,’” she shared. “He was breathing so much life into me. It makes me feel a little bit emotional now, talking about it, because I honestly feel like he brought me back to the world, honey. He really did.”

Keke Palmer And Darius Jackson Are ‘Business As Usual’

Keke Palmer and her boyfriend Darius Jackson
Instagram | Darius Daulton

Following the recent social media controversy when Palmer’s partner and baby daddy Darius Jackson seemed to publicly shame her for wearing a sheer, black, alluring Givenchy dress while being serenaded by Usher, their relationship status remains a mystery.

The budding actor even removed photos of Palmer from his Instagram page after getting backlash for criticizing her dress.

However, despite rumors of a breakup, the Emmy winner referred to Jackson as her partner during the interview and emphasized their seamless connection. According to Essence, during her cover shoot for the outlet, the pair FaceTimed about their six-month-old baby boy, Leodis.

Palmer showcased her multitasking abilities during the shoot by handling her grooming while engaged in a conversation with Jackson about caring for Leodis.

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