Katy Perry Sells Entire Music Catalog For Big Money

Katy Perry has amassed a significant number of accolades over the years, including multiple Grammy nominations and four Guinness World Records.

She has also released six studio albums, namely, “Katy Hudson” (2001), “One of the Boys” (2008), “Teenage Dream” (2010), “PRISM” (2013), “Witness” (2017), and “Smile” (2020). The 38-year-old musician has now sold her whole music catalog, including five of her six albums, for a boatload of dollars, considerably higher than what Justin Bieber sold for.

Katy Perry Sells Her Music Catalog To Litmus Music For $225 Million  

On Monday, September 18, Litmus Music, a catalog rights corporation supported by private-equity company Carlyle Group LP, acquired the rights to Perry’s five studio albums released between 2008 and 2020, all for Capitol Records. 

Billboard reports that Litmus paid $225 million for the Grammy nominee’s share in the master recording royalties and music publishing rights to the said albums. The stakeholders have yet to comment on the terms of the deal, though the catalog sale was finalized earlier this year.

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The shocking news comes behind other 2023 music rights deals like Bieber, who sold his catalog for $200 million to Hipgnosis Songs Capital. The “Part of Me” singer’s catalog sale proves that “household name artists” can still charge huge amounts of dollars despite how high-interest rates regulate investors’ taste for song rights.

Since 2008, when Perry broke out with the single “I Kissed A Girl,” she has attained nine No. 1s on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, she remains the first woman and only second artist ever, after Micheal Jackson, with an album that produced five No. 1s.

Those songs are “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” “E.T.,” and “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” Meanwhile, following the release of her last album, “Smile,” in 2020, she began her Las Vegas residency in 2021, which is gradually drawing to a close.

According to Litmus, Perry had had a professional relationship with their co-founder and chief creative officer, Dan McCarroll, since 2010, when McCarroll was president of Capitol Records.

He described the songstress as a “creative visionary who has made a major impact across music, TV, film, and philanthropy.” McCarroll also said, “I’m so honored to be partnering with her again and to help Litmus manage her incredible repertoire.”

Hank Forsyth, Litmus co-founder and CEO, and Matt Settle, managing director at Carlyle, also had commending words for Perry’s music. Forsyth called her “essential” songs “part of the global cultural fabric,” adding, “We are so grateful to be working together again with such a trusted partner.” On the other hand, Settle said:

“We believe this is a testament to the team’s ability to partner with the world’s top artists. Katy’s iconic songs have not only achieved outstanding commercial success but have significantly influenced popular culture.”

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Catalog sales apart, when it comes to collaborations going forward, it seems the “Dark Horse” singer already has a clear vision. In an interview, she named Ice Spice and Lizzo as the ones she had in mind for a possible collab. She even sang a verse from Spice’s famous feature with PinkPantheress, “Boy’s a Liar.”

As for Lizzo, she wished for her to join the judges on “American Idol” and invited her directly by saying, “I’d like Lizzo to join American Idol. This is an invitation from me, Katy Perry, asking you to join the panel. I’m feeling a little outnumbered on the testosterone. I can really use some bold, honest hot takes.”

Katy Perry Talks Sobriety Journey With Her Fiancé 

Back in June, Perry shed light on her and her fiancé Orlando Bloom’s joint pact to embark on their sobriety journey. She told PEOPLE that the journey began after “President’s Day” which she saw as an opportunity to “reset” and “just to let my body bounce back a little bit.” 

The record breaker explained that although she abstained from drinking on weeknights, she indulged a “little bit” during weekends. She also mentioned that she agreed to sobriety because of her love for Bloom.

“We did this because he’s shooting a movie in London right now that’s taking every ounce of his focus, and so I wanted that opportunity to be supportive,” she shared, adding, “So, doing it together makes it so much easier.”

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