Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Accused Scamming Man Out Of Millions

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are being accused of trying to steal a home from an elderly man while he was heavily medicated.

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom: House Stealers?

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The engaged couple is headed to trial with a man, 83, a veteran who claimed he sold the pair his $15 million Santa Barbara home while of  “unsound mind.” The legal battle has been going on for a long three years.

It stemmed from the sale that took place in July 2020. Carl Westcott was released from the hospital after undergoing a six-hour back surgery and days later he was signing papers to sell his home for $15 million – a great deal if you ask us!

Unfortunately, once the painkillers wore off, he felt like he was scammed out of what could have been a larger sum. He realized that the sale was not what he wanted and attempted to rescind the contract.

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Threatened To Sue

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The celebrity couple’s agent threatened to take legal action against the veteran who suffers from Huntington’s Disease. They demanded that he continue with the sale of the property. In the court filings, Westcott’s summary of action asks that the grounds be voided because “he lacked the mental capacity to understand the nature and probable consequences.”

He claims that he never listed the property, nor did he speak with a broker about his home going up for sale. The house has eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. He reiterates that he was in no position to be making deals about anything during that time.

“Upon discharge from the hospital, Mr. Westcott was prescribed at least two opiates in pill form that he was to continue taking for pain, which he took as prescribed several times each day.”

Carl Westcott’s Complaint Reveals A Lot


The veteran via his lawyer believes he was put in a weird position given the situation he was experiencing. “The combination of his age, frailty from his back condition and recent surgery, and the opiates he was taking several times a day rendered Mr. Westcott of unsound mind.”

Westcott only bought the home a mere two months before it was poached by the singer and her actor fiancé. He bought the place in May 2020 “to live in as his primary residence for the rest of his life.” It was sold in July 2020.

Carl Westcott Fired Off An Email

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Westcott emailed Berkshire Hathaway, the real estate agency, on July 22 and expressed “in its capacity as the dual agent for seller and buyer, that he did not want to sell his home.” Westcott received a letter back from Bloom and Perry’s lawyers that stated:

His clients were “not willing to walk away” from this purchase and informed him that he was “obligated to complete the sale.” Court proceedings will begin this month, but Westcott will have to stay home. Huntington’s Disease has left him mentally incapacitated and bedridden.

It’s unclear why the super-rich couple can’t just find another home in the same area, but it’s not a good look for the Hollywood duo.

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