Katie Price says daughter Princess ‘was as ugly as a child’

Katie Price highlights her daughter Princess’s remarkable transformation over the years.

When the TV personality shares family photos on social media, fans often notice the pair’s striking resemblance. But in a surprising revelation, the former glamor model believes the teenager was ‘ugly’ in her younger years.

Katie Price comments on her daughter Princess’ childhood looks

The 45-year-old lady is the proud mother of her 16-year-old daughter and her older brother, Junior. She shares these two children with ex-husband Peter Andre, whom she met on ‘I’m A Celebrity’.

During an appearance on GK Barry’s ‘Saving Grace’ podcast, the model declared that Princess is now “so pretty”, while admitting that the budding fashionista wasn’t always so blessed when it came to looks. Second place in the Eurovision Song Contest shared:

“My princess and my mom have the same birthmark. The princess keeps hers. Mine was removed after the jungle. The princess is very pretty, but she was so ugly as a child.”

Katie Price says her 16-year-old daughter Princess was 'as ugly as a child'
Instagram | Princess Andre

During the shoot, the mother-of-five turned to the ‘PrettyLittleThing’ model and candidly commented: ‘No but you were ugly princess. Google it. I can’t believe how ugly she was and now she’s so beautiful.” The young man agreed: “I was very ugly.”

The “A Whole New World” singer continued her candid conversation with the host, stating, “I don’t care what anyone says, it’s not cruel. I know when my babies are ugly or not. It’s not so ugly now.” Despite undergoing numerous surgeries, Price advised her daughter not to consider cosmetic procedures until she was much older. In his own words:

“A lot of girls in their early 20s look the same and I don’t care because I’ve had surgery and I’m in my 40s, but I tell Princess – not that she wants anything – I didn’t do anything to my face until I was 40 and now I can do what I love.”

Expressing her concern, she emphasized: “However, the girls did it too young. I know they have, but they are too young.

The ‘Katie & Peter’ star recently underwent a nose job and was seen wearing a heavily bandaged nose in the days following the surgery. The explosion reported that despite her mother Amy’s concerns, Price remains unwavering in her determination to pursue her chosen path in cosmetic development.

In her signature candid style, the “angel” writer appeared makeup-free in a TikTok live video, with her dark hair elegantly piled on top of her head. With a splint on his nose and duct tape on his face, he couldn’t help but express his discomfort, playfully complaining about the itchiness of the tape.

Katie Price on KSI vs.  FaZe Temperrr in the MF Cruiserweight title fight

Over the years, the “So Graham Norton” guest star has undergone numerous breast implants and reductions, leading to fluctuating breast sizes. The mum-of-five had her 16th breast operation last year with the aim of having the ‘biggest breasts’ in Britain.

‘Top Of The Pops 2’ award presenter faces backlash over picture of Bunny’s daughter

“The Luvvies” star sparked controversy among her followers when she posted a photo of herself wearing 8-year-old mascara and lip gloss. The adorable snap captured her little girl pouting at the camera in yellow pajamas decorated with strawberries.

He wrapped a towel around Bunny’s head, which he held with both hands. The picture, lovingly captioned: ‘My stunning bunny bops. 🐇” was quickly collected “mommy-shaming” comments from critics.

Disapproving comments flooded in, with some criticizing Price for allowing her daughter to wear make-up at such a young age, including one comment that read: “Be a kid.”

Other critics also expressed their disapproval. One commenter wrote: “8 years old. It should not be described as “impressive”. She is a little girl.” Another expressed her dismay, declaring: ‘A bloated child wearing make-up is totally wrong! Wow!”

A fourth commented: “Put away the filters; she’s an 8-year-old calling an eight-year-old amazing’, while a fifth, who felt the tiny tot would be better off with her dad, wrote: ‘Take her back to her dad.’ Another follower shared her concerns, commenting: “A picture of an eight-year-old boy posting a racy picture just doesn’t sit well with me.”

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