Katie Price Reportedly Takes Son Harvey To The ER

Katie Price has revealed that her son, Harvey Price, was hospitalized after he made an emotional plea for help.

While openly discussing her son’s difficulties on her podcast, the glamour model delved into the details of what unfolded after he reached out to her recently. Harvey, who is blind, autistic, and has Prader-Willi syndrome, a genetic disorder, has apparently been coping with severe ear issues that required medical attention.

Katie Price’s Son Harvey Just Wants To Stay In A Hotel While He Battles A Severe Ear Infection

Even though Harvey has been residing independently at the specialized further education institution, National Star College, since he turned 19, he did not hesitate to call on his mother when the need arose.

Shedding light on the situation that warranted her attention during a recent episode of her podcast, “The Katie Price Show,” Price stated, “I’m going to see Harvey on Wednesday; he’s having real problems with his ear. They’ve syringed his ear out at the hospital again yesterday. He’s calling me going – crying – ‘Mum!’ and all that.”

Doting Mom Katie Price Says 'Trolling Should Be A Criminal Offence'
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Per Daily Mail, the media personality shared that “when he went to bed” the night before, “they put a bandage around his head to stop him doing that with his ear.” She continued saying:

“So he’s phoning me feeling sorry for himself. I’m going to go see him on Wednesday. All he wants to do is stay in a hotel and I know why, because he wants all the room service. But his behaviour is so bad at the moment and his ear doesn’t help. Like, I can bring him home but he will smash everything.”

This development comes just days after Price reminded people of her stance on trolling. In case you are unaware, the doting mother has been pushing for trolling, otherwise known as online abuse to be legally recognized as a criminal offense. 

She had, in fact, initiated a petition in 2017 as a response to the persistent attacks against Harvey on social platforms. The campaign, known as “Harvey’s Law,” gained substantial public support, and the Brighton-born star even appeared before the Commons Petitions Committee along with her mother, Amy. She had touched on the subject during a previous interview, expressing:

“I’ve been working on Harvey’s Law – about finding ways to track trolls – and that’s still in the Houses of Parliament. I just think it’s really important for it to be clear at what level things are taken too far. Trolling should be a criminal offence.”

Emphasizing that she also wanted the documentation of a register of offenders, the passionate advocate explained, “Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and the right to have a laugh, but I get comments calling my son a Black n****r s*****c. They’re the ones that get to me the most.”

The Mother-Of-Three Was Dumped By Her Surrogate

Katie Price at KSI vs FaZe Temperrr MF Cruiserweight Title Fight

In August, The Blast reported that Price’s plans to welcome a sixth child were derailed when her surrogate allegedly terminated their agreement. The identity of this surrogate remains confidential, but it seems that she felt mistreated by the mother of five during their initial one-on-one meeting, which left her feeling disrespected.

Consequently, the surrogate opted to withdraw from the arrangement, a decision that came after nearly a year of building a connection with the television personality.

With so much time already invested, the unidentified woman expressed regret, feeling that she could have used that time to bond with someone else who would have likely appreciated the opportunity to have her as a surrogate. As claimed by one source:

“Katie’s surrogate feels completely let down. She sacrificed a lot of time and energy getting to know Katie and verbally agreeing to carry her baby, which is a huge decision.”

Continuing, the source clarified that carrying Price’s sixth child was initially something the unnamed surrogate was eager to do until she had the chance to meet her in person. The source elaborated:

“The surrogate feels she was disrespected by Katie, who also didn’t make her children feel welcome, and she certainly wasn’t appreciated, considering the sacrifice she was willing to make.”

Until Katie Price finds another person willing to help her welcome her next child, she will continue to focus on the children she already has. 

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