Katie Price breaks silence on dog death investigation

Katie Price needs a makeover!

The former glamor model was the proud owner of several furry friends. Unfortunately, some have been reported to have allegedly lost their lives in her care, prompting a petition against keeping the pet. However, a recent incident led to an investigation, prompting the star to address the situation.

Katie Price opens up about the investigation into her dog’s death

After the death of her beloved dog Blade, the mother of five shared a selfie on her Instagram page with shoulder-length black hair. The 44-year-old woman, with a makeup-free face, thundered in the caption: writing:

“The new transformation ready extensions have literally thrown so much crap at me, and being single now and dealing with the suspicion that my dog ​​was intentionally killed, I need a huge change and movement in my life during the investigation.”

Katie Price breaks silence during dog death inquest
Instagram | Katie Price

The TV personality’s fans rallied behind him with massive support. One person expressed his solidarity, wrote, “You don’t have to explain yourself. ❤️.” Another person expressed their frustration, saying: “Why can’t people just leave xx alone?” Someone else offered condolences and hoped for justice: “I’m so sorry Blade is hoping they find who did it.”

Amid messages of love and encouragement, some urged Price to ignore the criticism and stay true to herself, with one fan commenting: ‘Keep being you and don’t give up 🥰’.

However, not all messages were positive as some expressed concern about her ability to care for the animals and suggested she take on the responsibility. Like this critic who wrote: “Take responsibility for yourself for once. Your gates are always open and you live next to a busy road.”

Another advised: “Think of your hair as the least of your worries. A little advice. . do not buy more animals. .” This person asked her to “stop buying animals” because she “obviously can’t take care of them.”

A petition a little over a month ago Demanding a lifetime ban on keeping or acquiring more dogs has gathered significant support, 26,000 signatures. The petition gained renewed attention three years ago after the unfortunate deaths of several of her pets, including a tragic incident involving her Cream Pomeranian named Sharon.

Over six years, there have been allegations of several fatal episodes affecting the welfare of animals in Price’s care. These claims include the unfortunate deaths of dogs, horses and chameleons.

Katie Price gives her fans a shout-out as she teases the 'KP' podcast
Instagram | Katie Price

Supporters of the Change.org petition, which was started in 2020, reportedly updated in November, claiming that the “Dream Team” guest star’s pets had allegedly died due to neglect, unsanitary living conditions, and were trained for exhibition. aggressive behavior. More details can be found in the announcement:

“The puppies were found drowned in a neglected swimming pool. A horse was run over on the highway. Animals simply disappear from your home, never to be seen again. His guard dog broke into the neighbor’s garden and killed the chickens.”

The British celebrity not only faced accusations about her pets, but also sparked a wave of controversy among her fans about her children.

“Katie Price: Trauma and Me” star faces hit back over photo of her daughter

Famous for his numerous physical transformations, the controversial personality caught on again sharing a photo of her baby girl in The Blast for the wrong reasons of public attention.

In the Instagram post, her 8-year-old wore mascara and lip gloss. The snap captured the adorable moment her little girl pouted at the camera, dressed in yellow, strawberry-print pajamas.

She held a towel wrapped around her head with both hands, adding a touch of playfulness to the image. The image, which read: “My stunning Bunny bops. 🐇” received disapproving comments from followers, with one person saying: “Be a kid”.

Another commented that a little girl her age should not be described as “stunning”. A third said: “The pouting child with make-up is totally wrong! That!” One disgruntled Instagram follower expressed her annoyance, writing: “Put away the filters; she’s 8; who calls an eight-year-old stunning.”

Someone else suggested that the child would be better off with his father, commenting, “Take him back to his father.” Meanwhile, one person sarcastically commented: “I see we’re starting the filters early.”

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