Kathy Griffin Stands By Madonna Amid Health Care Saga

Madonna may not know it, but she has a friend in Kathy Griffin! The comedian recently defended the music icon against internet trolls who attacked the pop queen over her recent hospitalization.

The stand-up personality is no stranger to sharing her unfiltered opinion on topics that others may find sensitive. Although her statements are often seen as controversial, the 62-year-old won the hearts of the ‘Vogue’ singer’s critics with her applause.

Following the revelation of the seven-time Grammy winner’s health problems, there were insensitive comments about the presenter’s condition. The “D-List Life” star addressed these unsolicited opinions about the pop legend in a powerful message.

Kathy Griffin claims people making jokes about Madonna were motivated by ageism and misogyny

In the latest Instagram update, the Oak Park native re-shared a recently posted TikTok video. The clip titled “Just a few words about #Madonna” captured the comedian’s opinion on the negative reactions to the singer’s illness.

The Primetime Emmy winner, who filmed himself at home in his pyjamas, explained that he wants to support the ‘Material Girl’ hitmaker despite not being in a relationship with the 64-year-old.

“I don’t know what’s going on with Madonna, I don’t know, but I love her and I want to protect her,” the comedian began. “I never met him. Of course I’ve seen him in concert because I’m a gay man and I think he’s provided the world with decades of music and entertainment.”

The ginger-haired entertainer said she was not happy with the inappropriate comments made about the cultural icon, noting that people dismissed her condition as a joke. The 62-year-old said: “I don’t like the way people feel they’re already making fun of you being very ill or collapsed and then you’ll be fine. We don’t know anything yet.”

The Oak Park-born singer hit back at the “4 Minutes” singer, claiming that the hate for Madonna stems from people’s perceptions of her age and gender, a treatment she knows well. In the words of a GLAAD Media Award winner:

“I’ll be honest; I think there is a lot of aging and misogyny in it. I’m sorry, but you know, as a 62-year-old chick, I deal with this all the time, and she freaks Madonna out!”

Regarding comments about the “Hung Up” artist’s beauty enhancements, Griffin noted that people should focus on the blonde beauty’s recovery. The comedian said: “So I don’t care about your fillers; they will go if you feel like it. I care about your health.”

“And I’m glad he’s back on this tour and this tour is the biggest hit and it should be great,” the Oak Park native concluded his post with a beaming smile. As mentioned above, fans responded positively to her message and echoed similar sentiments in the comments.

Kathy Griffin a "Paula Abdul: Your Girl Forever" Official opening - Las Vegas

Many reflected on Madonna’s legacy, paying tribute to the 64-year-old for her contributions to the LGBTQ community. Someone wrote: “I agree with you. Many people seem to have forgotten how he stood up for the LGBTQ community from the beginning, especially during the AIDS crisis.”

“The younger generation doesn’t give him the respect he deserves, especially when it comes to his work for the gay community,” echoed another. A third commenter sweetly wrote: “Women supporting women. Rare.. you are the best Kathy! PS I’m a gay girl too.”

The Golden Globe winner was taken to hospital after being discovered unconscious

News of the “Like a Prayer” hitmaker’s health began to circulate after the music icon was rushed to a New York hospital on Saturday, June 24.The mother of six was found unresponsive and had to be intubated for at least one night.

Fortunately, he was not dependent on the tube, which was removed once the 64-year-old became alert. His eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, was said to be by the presenter’s side throughout his health scare. The media personality’s longtime manager Guy Oseary explained what went wrong in a social media post.

Madonna’s rep revealed on her Instagram page Wednesday that the “Papa Don’t Preach” artist “developed a severe bacterial infection that led to several days in the intensive care unit.”

Madonna Cashes.Out of Sale Hidden Hills Home Purchased by Weeknd
Instagram | Madonna

Although a source claimed the Wembley Square of Fame inductee was ‘out of intensive care’, Oseary stated he was ‘still under medical care. A full recovery is expected.”

The incident comes months after Madonna announced she was planning a “Celebration” tour to mark her 40th career in music. The show was expected to start on July 15, but the singer’s manager confirmed that it has been postponed.

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