Katherine Heigl says the success of “Grey’s Anatomy” made her “mouthy.”

American actress Katherine Heigl talked about her time on the hit medical drama series “Gray’s Anatomy” and how the huge success of the show affected him personally and professionally.

Heigl, who played the beloved Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens, revealed that the show’s popularity gave her a “false sense of confidence” that led to her becoming more outspoken, sometimes to her detriment.

In 2010, he quit the show amid heightened controversy, claiming the working conditions were appalling and calling his character on the show a “ratings ploy”.

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Katherine Heigl says the success of “Grey’s Anatomy” made her “mouthy.”

Katherine Heigl at the NBC Universal 2018 Upfront Presentation

Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy” has become a cultural phenomenon since its premiere in 2005. Heigl quickly rose to stardom and received critical acclaim for her portrayal of the talented and ambitious Dr. Stevens. Behind the scenes, however, his actions began to generate headlines, leading to speculation about his reputation in the industry.

A recent one Species In an interview with Actors on Actors, “Grey’s” actress Ellen Pompeo (Heigl, 44) admitted that the huge success of the medical drama series played a significant role in her attitude at the time.

“I think that gave me this confidence, which was a false sense of confidence. It was rooted in something that couldn’t and maybe won’t always be there for me,” Heigl said. “So then I started to be really loud because I had a lot to say and there were certain boundaries and things that were not okay to cross.”

“I was so naive”

Katherine Heigl Sighting in New York

The actress has gained a reputation for speaking her mind and publicly expressing her displeasure with certain aspects of her career. Notably, Heigl famously withdrew from the Emmys in 2008, citing a lack of material in the series’ writing and insufficient development of her character, Dr. Stevens.

Heigl’s outspoken statements in interviews and press events eventually led to strained relations within the industry and negative perceptions in the public eye. The actress reflected on this period to Pompeo and admitted that her controversial speech was partly due to her naivety.

“I was so naive. I got on my soapbox and had some things to say and felt passionate about this stuff. I felt strong,” Heigl said. “I felt it so strongly that I even got a megaphone on my soap dish.”

He added: “No part of me imagined a bad reaction. I felt justified in how I felt about it and where I was coming from.”

Katherine Heigl felt “betrayed” when people turned against her

Katherine Heigl smiles

The “Life As We Know It” actress previously spoke of feeling “betrayed” when the public and industry seemingly turned against her after she made controversial comments about her previous projects, including the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Knocked.” the movie. Up.”

An example of such a controversial comment was in a now infamous interview Vanity Fair when he called his “Grey’s Anatomy” character a “ratings ploy” and said “Knocked Up” was “a little bit sexist.”

“I’m not the only person in the business who’s had ups and downs, but it seems as soon as things got too good, you had to say, ‘Slow it down – humble it'” in an interview Red magazine in January.

Heigl continued, “I felt betrayed. I wondered, “How could they turn against me so quickly? I’m just trying to entertain people.”

Katherine Heigl regretted her apology

Katherine Heigl at the premiere "Unforgettable"

In his interview Red magazineHeigl went public with her regrets for apologizing for her controversial comments about “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Knocked Up.” The actress admitted that her countless apologies did more harm than good because “she made me weaker in people’s eyes.”

He claimed that by constantly apologizing he only managed to keep the problem alive, which only made the situation worse, he admitted that he should have only apologized once.

Heigl elaborated on her change of heart, stating, “I kept apologizing, which I now realize just made it worse. I thought that self-flagellation in front of everyone would make them happy, but it made me weaker in people’s eyes and weakened me. Now I think an apology was enough.”

The actress emphasized that she will “always stand up for things I believe in,” but noted that “airing dirty laundry is unnecessary and only fuels the rumors.”

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