Kate Hudson talks about the impact of public scrutiny on her body image

Kate Hudson share your experiences in public. The actress revealed that the media was intrusive as she couldn’t talk to a man without sparking dating rumours. The star shared that she finally decided not to let the negativity get to her.

Hudson was heavily criticized two decades ago for her fashion choices at the 2001 Oscars. Now she’s considering a redesign of the controversial dress.

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Kate Hudson on public life

Kate Hudson at "Chives: The Mystery of the Knives" London Photo Call

On a recent episode of the Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa podcast, Kate Hudson got candid about her early days in the entertainment industry. The “Glass Onion” star talked about how she struggled with the intense media scrutiny that came with her rise to fame.

“When I became famous, there were so many lies; it was so weird because I think it felt so unfair that it was unfair,” she said. People magazine.

Hudson expressed her frustration at the lies and lies in the press and the unfair treatment of women. “They were so mean to women. I mean body shaming from being too skinny to being too fat to pulling up your skirt to cellulite.

“I have given them all my power”

Kate Hudson at the premiere of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

According to Hudson, being in the limelight has greatly affected her romantic life. She shared that she can’t talk to a man without the media automatically assuming they’re dating. “I couldn’t talk to a man without being his partner. I couldn’t sit and say hello to someone,” said the actress.

As the relentless attention and scrutiny became overwhelming, the actress revealed she struggled to cope. “There was so much of it, at such a speed that I couldn’t comprehend that I realized I had to figure out how not to care about it,” she shared.

After a while, Hudson said she didn’t let the negativity get to her and found a way to rise above it. She emphasized the importance of not letting negative energy dictate your life, saying, “You just find yourself letting them win the more you feel bad.”

“If I allow that negative energy to enter me, they win. I put all my strength into them,” Hudson added People.

Kate Hudson was on the ‘worst dressed’ list

Kate Hudson at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California

Recently, Hudson talked about a painful experience in the TikTok video. The actress recounted a moment when she received harsh criticism for her fashion choices at the 2001 Oscars.

Hudson, then nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in ‘Almost Famous’, wore a stunning Stella McCartney dress to the awards. The dress is made of silver purple rhinestone fabric, cut out at the back, and has an embroidered mini capelet with fringes around the collar.

However, the vintage charm of the dress was heavily criticised, and Hudson was questioned for her style and appeared on many ‘worst dressed’ lists.

Reflecting on the experience, Hudson shared that she almost believed the naysayers, but after taking a second look at the ensemble, she thought, “This dress is awesome. I like.”

Kate Hudson is considering a remake of her 2001 Stella McCartney dress

Kate Hudson at the 6th Annual InStyle Awards 2021

Once considered a fashion faux pas, the glamorous dress is now celebrated as fashionable. In a recent interview, Hudson mentioned the possibility of revisiting the play.

“We were way ahead of our time in this. I encourage any thoughts – maybe it should be brought up again. Should I wear this and transform?” the actress mused. Her ever-supportive fans agreed with the idea and raved about the stunning outfit in the comments.

Kate Hudson

At the 2023 Oscars, Hudson kept up as a connoisseur of eye-catching ensembles. With the help of her stylist Sophie Lopez, she dazzled in a shimmering Rodarte mermaid gown featuring an elegant strappy neckline, off-the-shoulder sleeves and a long shimmering train.

Jewels from the exquisite Rahaminov Diamonds complemented her outfit, and her hair was styled in gorgeous waves, adding the perfect sparkle to her overall look.

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